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  1. Kootenay

    Lets see your horses!!

    As a spinoff of my new baby horse thread, I realized there are quite a few horsey people on here. I'd love to see pics and hear about them!
  2. Kootenay

    New baby horse! Plus everyone else.

    I got a new baby!! Meet Gitana :) She's a 7 month old (as of today!) Paso Fino x Andalusian filly. I'm super excited about her! She's pretty fuzzy and baby awkward of course but she'll be a gorgeous beast one day ;) These photos are from our ride today, she gets to follow along since we can...
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    I started a thread like this years ago and it was fun! Tell us about your home, whether it's a cabin, apartment, boat, house. Do you like living where you do? What would your dream home be? And of course, photos!
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    Getting to know you 2016 edition

    I don't think we had a 2015 one of these! But I still think we should try for a forum revival here guys ;) and there are lots of new members I think! So... Nickname/Preferred name: Occupation: Age: About your dog(s): Interests: Favorite music: Favorite book: Favorite quote: Random...
  5. Kootenay

    Winter wonderland

    Since there's an attempted forum revival going on, I figured I do a winter photo update! We've had some good winter weather, decent amount of snow and a few cold snaps for ice skating etc. Down by "our" river Little ding dong Emir feeling frisky! He's sooo fuzzy...
  6. Kootenay

    More Autumn pics

    Just various photos from the past little while! My little poser girl. <3 Jump! Fuzzy boy More...
  7. Kootenay

    Fall hiking etc

    Somehow summer is over and it's chilly and the leaves are turning...I always have such mixed feelings about fall. It's one of my favourite seasons, but it makes me sad because it means that winter is coming. So for now, trying to enjoy the last of the sunny days to their fullest! We had a...
  8. Kootenay

    Favourite things to do with zucchini!

    Just as the title says....I'm so swamped with zucchinis right now, and mostly just doing tons and tons of stirfries. I did some double chocolate zucchini bread the other day, that was amazing and decadent. Tried some zuch fritters/pancakes, too. Any other ideas?!?
  9. Kootenay

    Horses and Hay and things

    So I finally got a fence put up and moved my horse down to where I'm living now. It's so, so nice to have him here!! I've been getting out riding as much as possible, which has luckily been most days, usually early in the morning. I love my pretty boy Emir <3 There's a...
  10. Kootenay

    Summer life

    Figured it might be time for a photo update. We're all thoroughly enjoying summer here! Onyx love to play her weird stick game at the beach Just a little puppy boy I built Yarrow and Onyx a run in the woods, where they stay when I'm at work or just need to be contained...
  11. Kootenay

    Morning Light (etc...)

    I've been waking up really early lately, so I've been trying to take some morning light pictures since I'm up anyway. Sunrise sure is pretty! More...
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    How about a 2015 home/garden/farm thread? I'd love to see what other people are up to at their places! Lots of pictures, please :)
  13. Kootenay

    The whole gang

    More photos from life this past while. Sure can't complain! Double perch Beach playtime Yarrow found an extra special perch Tikka, ever sitting strangely... ...and just generally being her weird little self More...
  14. Kootenay

    Sunshine and good times

    Some more spring photos :) Dogs and people alike are enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having!! Silly silly Ellie (Ellie has a healing cut from a coyote, and yes Yarrow is looking rather shaggy - he is shedding like crazy these days!!) This river runs...
  15. Kootenay

    Springtime! (sunshine and baby goats)

    Spring has come, finally :) We've all been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Spring around here means baby goats! Cutest little things. Onyx thinks they are strange little dogs, and do they want to steal her ball?? More....
  16. Kootenay

    Mostly Onyx, etc

    I pretty much didn't take any photos for the month of February, so I didn't have much in the way of birthday pictures for Onyx. Felt I should make up for that! It feels like spring here these days, yay! My friend was up and took these ones of Onyx and I. This...
  17. Kootenay

    Onyx is two!

    Happy second birthday to my little monster! I can't believe she is two already. We have had an awesome year, here is to many, many more. I put together a video of clips and pics from the year. 3lk07wCSNCo And the most recent photos that I took of her.
  18. Kootenay

    Happy Birthday Yarrow!

    My big boy turns 3 today! Oh how time flies. I guess he is really not a puppy anymore, although he will forever be called Puppy Boy. I'm so very grateful to have him in my life - we've certainly had our challenges and he isn't at all what I was expecting when I got him, but he's the sweetest...
  19. Kootenay

    Those of you who teach classes

    I've had a hang up about teaching classes for some reason, even though I have enjoyed doing private lessons with people. Somehow the idea of coming up with a set curriculum and working with a bunch of people at once is scary for me. However, for various reasons I really think I should try to...
  20. Kootenay

    Winter shots

    I don't think I've posted any winter dog pics yet this year. I had a lull in picture taking for a while, but I've been trying to get back into it recently. Had a fun mini photoshoot with Yarrow and my sister again this evening! I'll start with those pics. And onto other...