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  1. ErinMC

    Ada's Ears

    Ada has scab on the inner tips of her ears for about a week now. They didn't bleed, there was no visible scratch - looks more like a rub or irritation that started it. She isn't itching it, but her typically pointy ears and very droopy now instead. Is this anything that I should be concerned...
  2. ErinMC

    Went on a hike :)

    Met up with Meagan (meepitsmeagan) for a walk in the woods. She was nice enough to bring her camera since I don't have many photos of Ada that aren't her cuddling with my roommates or dressed is something ridiculous.
  3. ErinMC

    Moving Suggestions

    Hey all! I will be graduating in April (and officially done in June)! I am entertaining the idea of moving out of the state and moving West really intrigues me. I would love to live in a dog-friendly location, near mountains and/or amazing hiking trails. Just in case it helps - somehow -...
  4. ErinMC

    Favorite winter apparel?

    Getting a head start (while I have money) on winter accessories. Looking for a jacket for an active small breed with a short coat. Very active so looking for something that will probably keep her warm on 3mi morning runs with little movement limitations. Or even educate me on whether or not...
  5. ErinMC

    Possibility of Yeast and Antibiotics

    I just need some feedback on what is currently going on - It should first be known that this is not an emergency post. For 2-3 weeks now I have noticed Ada shaking her head, scratching primarily one ear, and chewing/licking her feet. This would rarely happen too and not all in the course of...
  6. ErinMC

    Disc Suggestion

    Favorite discs for small dogs? She's currently using one that is 6in (cheap-o silicone one I found at Toys-R-Us just to try it). I got the Hero Pup 120's but she bit through it instantly. She's about 13 lbs and has a hard bite! I was thinking the Hyperflite Pup Jawz?
  7. ErinMC

    I can't the only one/Offering behaviors

    My favorite thing about training my new pup is seeing her start to offer behaviors. Makes me smile. Although I know she's confused by what I'm doing with her at that moment, it means she's starting to catch on!
  8. ErinMC

    Harness Suggestion

    I'm looking for suggestions for a harness for Ada who is about 13lb. I want to start running with her and don't want her leashed to a collar because she hasn't yet found the difference between jogging and running in the park and tends to pull a bit. Looking for one that doesn't roll to the...
  9. ErinMC

    Crate Training/Home Alone Help

    I need some help with my crate training. Before I explain, I want to let you all know that even though I have posted more than once today regarding issues with my new pup, we have conquered many hurdles together already: she lets me know when she needs to go out, there are no accidents, she...
  10. ErinMC

    struggling with eating

    So I got my pup almost a week ago. I got her from a rescue. I know there is a transition peiod that can last weeks when a dog comes to a new environment. She seems to be doing amazingly well with all the changes she has made. She's finally sleeping in a crate with zero protest, still barks...
  11. ErinMC

    Help naming new dog.

    Hello All, I got a new dog and I need some suggestions in naming her. Her current name is Silly Sophie. I adopted her from a local animal rescue. She was originally given away for free to an elderly man who was not capable of caring for himself. When the family stepped in, they...
  12. ErinMC

    Immunity to Tick Medicine?

    There were 2 dogs that just left the boarding facility that I work at. Both dogs are on Sentinel (or something similar) and were previously on Frontline. One dog doesn't get any ticks, the other frequently get ticks that won't die after they bite. Anyone hear of immunities to topical tick meds?
  13. ErinMC


    Long story short: Springtime in the country turns my well-behaved dog bad. One night about a week ago he ran into the woods chasing something and didn't come home for a couple hours. He has had a runny stomach and begs to use the bathroom a couple times a night. I took a fecal sample to...
  14. ErinMC

    You Know You're a Dog Lover When...

    You injure yourself and go to the Dog First Aid kit because their are more supplies than your own.
  15. ErinMC

    Hello from SW Michigan again!

    Redo-ing my intro since I got caught in a sweep. :) I'm Erin! Meepitsmeagan finally wore me down enough to join (and become a collarholic...). I've got an American Staffordshire mix named Leo who is about 7 years old. Meagan and I do quite a bit of bikejoring, so I'd expect new picture...