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  1. CrystalGSD

    What are some weird dog-related things you've heard from other people/forums?

    I was just thinking about some weird things I've heard being spouted as truth in other places... For example: There's a forum I frequent that tells people that if they're not willing to exercise their dog at least 2 hours a day (every. single. day.), no matter the breed, then they shouldn't...
  2. CrystalGSD

    New Camera = Some Crystal and Hero Pictures

    I got a new camera so I decided to take some pictures :) Still learning as it is my first DSLR and I jumped right into manual mode! my house wasn't very well lit lol puppy dog eyes head tilt (continued...)
  3. CrystalGSD

    What is the most common thing you say to your dog(s)?

    Lol this heavily depends on my mood If I'm happy: "what a good boy/girl!" "Aw you're such a cutie" "awww my baby Crystal/Hero!" If they're getting on my nerves: "Can you just not?" "Could you please stop right now? Thanks." I think I need to teach my dogs sarcasm lol Anyways, what...
  4. CrystalGSD

    Let's Be Controversial

    We had one of these a while back when Chaz was being slow, so might as well do it again. Go on now, post the most controversial thing you believe :)
  5. CrystalGSD

    Your strengths and weaknesses as a dog owner

    Just as the title says :) thought this might be a nice little discussion, especially since Chaz's activity has been down lately ;; Mine: Weaknesses: because of school and such I feel like I am gone for the majority of the day, and I feel like my dogs don't see me enough. For example, I'm...
  6. CrystalGSD

    Allergic to Vaccines?

    I think Hero's allergic to vaccinations. He got vaccines when he was maybe 12/13 weeks old while we owned him and he got very sick, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy, the whole thing. He was sick for almost a week, and had to stay with the vet for a over a day. He got an IV and when what we were...
  7. CrystalGSD

    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    As the title says :) Crystal: sedentary, loyal, alert Hero: goofy, mischievous, amiable
  8. CrystalGSD

    What was your first experience with your favorite breed?

    What the title says :) My first experience was with two German Shepherds that my neighbor had, Adolf and Bruno. Adolf (and yes I think of Hitler everytime I say that name :o) was very old, I can't remember how old, but he kind of shuffled and his face was all grey, and Bruno was young, maybe...
  9. CrystalGSD

    Please send good vibes :(

    Hero is sick...Yesterday I woke up early in the morning (1 am) yesterday to Hero covered in vomit and diarrhea in his cage. His vomiting and diarrhea persisted so we took him to the vet... He tested negative for parvo and any parasites but we aren't sure what is wrong. We took him and they gave...
  10. CrystalGSD

    Hero's Thread

    So... you know... this happened :D This is Hero. He was very unexpected; we had no idea we were getting a puppy today, but my dad had other plans. I'm not complaining, lol. He's a German Shepherd x Husky mix, and he's doing pretty well adjusting so far. He's almost 10 weeks old. He...
  11. CrystalGSD

    If you were world dictator...

    What's a problem in our world and how would you fix it if you were dictator? One of the biggest problems I see is our excessive use of oil and our meager use of solar panels. I would make solar panels and place them across sunny areas like California and Texas. I would also make a law that...
  12. CrystalGSD

    USA Borzoi breeders

    My friend is looking for a borzoi breeder in the US :) a website is preferred so that I can send her the link. Thanks!
  13. CrystalGSD

    Dog parks and petting

    I just came home from the dog park and I realized I'm guilty of something. If a dog runs up to me in the dog park and appears friendly, I will pet it without asking (especially if it's crowded and idk who the dog's owner is). Would you be annoyed if I did that to your dog? Obviously if the dog...
  14. CrystalGSD

    Ridiculously picky and smart

    Crystal has two qualities that don't go well together, pickiness and intelligence. She is very very picky, and it has gotten worse. We have tried: gravy/broth (she doesn't see this as "real food" and won't eat it) we often mix in dog-friendly left overs, but she has began picking it out...
  15. CrystalGSD

    Tell me about Great Danes?

    Is there anything about them I wouldn't know from regular research? Are they prone to DA? Are they velcro-dogs? Is there anything about their temperament I should know about? How active are they? Anything else? Thanks! :D
  16. CrystalGSD

    Why drew you to the breed of dog you own?

    What drew you to the breed of dog you own? What drew you to "your" breed? Appearance, certain traits or quirks? :D
  17. CrystalGSD

    Derp is her Second Language

    Her facial expressions started out pretty decent... Crystal the Derp by aerocrystal, on Flickr Crystal the Derp by aerocrystal, on Flickr Crystal the Derp by aerocrystal, on Flickr Crystal the Derp by aerocrystal, on Flickr Crystal the Derp by aerocrystal, on Flickr But then...
  18. CrystalGSD

    What is something you wish you had done (or done differently) with your dog(s)?

    What is something you wish you did differently with your dogs in the past? Considering I was pretty young when my family got Crystal, I didn't really know that much about dogs. I wish I spent more time ingraining a recall into her, because she was good about staying near us when she was a...
  19. CrystalGSD

    Do you believe...

    Do you believe women should be able to go topless like men? I realize this can be a controversial topic so sorrrryyyyy (not sorry) :) Anywaysss go! :)
  20. CrystalGSD


    Not sure if any of y'all know this, but I'm going to college in about two and a half years. Yes, I know I'm way younger than all of you, don't judge me And I basically have a few options of what to do dogwise: 1. I could get a dog in 2015 and raise it until I go for college, leave it with my...