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  1. MrsBoats

    Thanksgiving Cluster - Springfield, MA

    Who's going to the Clustah?? :cool: Ocean and I'll be there this coming Friday thru Sunday doing agility! Hopefully some other Chazzers will be there and maybe we can say hi! :D :D :D
  2. MrsBoats

    Transcendent Trainers

    So...I've been playing around with something that I think could be really, really cool. I notice that there aren't a lot of wearable things for us dog people that strengthen us as trainers/handlers. There's a ton of shirts and stuff out there that poke fun at us and our shortcomings...
  3. MrsBoats

    Lars' Utility A run from, so close!!!

    mG22qmSFDUk Lars and I went back to the Utility A show ring for the first time after his 7 month shoulder rehab stint this weekend. Both days were so, so close with us NQing on the very last jump of directed jumping. He worked so incredibly (today was a 197 before directed jumping) and I'm...
  4. MrsBoats

    Second Utility Obedience Leg!!

    WHOO HOO!! Third time in the Utility A ring we earned our second leg with a score of 191.5 and a second place. It was a big class too...I think there were 17 people entered and 4 people Q'ed. First place was a we were pretty close. Third and fourth places were a 189 and a 184. (I...
  5. MrsBoats

    Lars makes the local tv news with Rhody Paws

    This was a lot of fun and what we were up to yesterday. Lars and I will definitely head back for Rhody Paws 2015...and we may actually look into making weekly/monthly visits to the dorms because that is something that the University of Rhode Island is considering for their students...
  6. MrsBoats

    WHOO Lars! Top 10 in Rally!!

    This came from the American Rottweiler Club today for Lars' work in Rally last year. :D Couple of years ago he got one of these letters for agility, this one is for last year's work in rally obedience! Good boy buddy! Let's see if we can be a triple threat and get one next year for...
  7. MrsBoats


    Mr. Boats and I both work from home and are in the landscaping industry, so this time of year is when we slack off some. So, while he was taking a break from his Call of Duty break from paperwork...this all breaks out. LOL They sounded like a herd of rhinos in the living room! (My office is...
  8. MrsBoats

    I've always wanted problem solvers...

    How Ocean solves problems...ball goes under the fence? No problem! He just hulk smashes his way through it and retrieves said ball so I don't waste time walking down to him and get it. Good boy...I guess?
  9. MrsBoats

    Train 'Em Tasks

    This is really cool this place allows us to promote dog related sites. I didn't see this until today. :D Anyway, I will fill you guys in on my dog related website. How my business came to be is kind of funny. I had created...
  10. MrsBoats

    Kind of new here

    Hi Everyone, I joined up with Chazhound a month or two ago and this is my first time posting. :) Let's see...I'm almost 42 years old and I live in Rhode Island in the US. I've been in Rottweilers for about 14 years and I have two boys now. My older dog is named Lars and he's 6. My younger...