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  1. Shai

    Baby Boy is All Grown Up (And Officially Measured)

    Little Lodin is nearing 18 months and hasn't grown in over half a year. Hard to believe my little puppy is all grown up already. He weighed in on the vet scale at 34lbs, and was officially measured for his temp height card last week at 19-3/4" Now...time to go do things :)
  2. Shai

    In Case Of Emergency Pet Window Alerts

    I recently saw window stickers to put on your house in case of fire/emergency intended to alert the first responders to the presence of pets in the home. Usually some form of emergency insignia followed by text reading "___ dogs inside." Does anyone use these? More importantly, does anyone...
  3. Shai

    Little Lo Isn't So Little Anymore... :)

    I went from being really good about posting puppy pics to hardly posting any pics so here are some recents of Mr. Squiggles! Here are a few recent ones of Lo... :)
  4. Shai

    Young Dogs & Exercise

    So Chaz has had a lot of excellent discussion lately and I have a question for you all...applies whether your dogs are pets, working, sporting, or some combination of the above! For purposes of the discussion I am defining young dog as any time pre-adulthood. If you're a breeder that could in...
  5. Shai

    ShaiCrew Pictures: Mirapuppy, The Cheese, MacNut, Monkeybean, Queen K, & Short Stack

    Remember these guys? And as a special bonus feature...Cookie a.k.a. Macadamia Nut! Who is doing well and is happy as a high-on-life clam, leaping over 4' gates because it's fun and they are there. Kim is doing great and is her usual pretty golden self, loving...
  6. Shai

    Lodin is Still Alive, I Promise.

    Not only is Lodin alive (despite the lack of photographic evidence for quite a while...), but he is now six months old. Time flies, and we've been having a blast. Next six months will be even better :) Such puppy. Totally wasn't digging at all. Profile Making my...
  7. Shai

    Help: Puppy Love

    So my puppy is in love. Puppy love. And the object of his affection is named Fergus. He now wants to woof like Fergus, derp like Fergus, rock bow ties like Fergus. My puppy is a five month old male Border Collie. Fergus is twice his age, also male, and a Great Labradane. Any advice...
  8. Shai

    Of Blood and Tugs

    So the Crazy Monkeybean known as Lodin nearly gave me a heart attack today as blood went flying everywhere... Which I discovered after this picture was taken, when I outed him (yes I know blood is visible in the photo but believe me when I say it was not so easy to spot in live action)...
  9. Shai

    Welcome to the World, Mirapuppy

    Mira's first litter was born today via caesarean section. While I prefer a natural whelping (and natural breeding) whenever possible especially with a first-timer, we decided to do the c-section when we saw this: So around noon today we welcomed Mira's 21-ounce singleton boy puppy into...
  10. Shai

    I Spy

    I spy with my little eye...
  11. Shai

    Return of the ShaiCrew Family Foto

    Not bad, for the first real family photo with the newbie :)
  12. Shai

    Eleventy Billion ShaiCrew Pictures

    BoyPuppy is something like 18 weeks old now. And adorable. Even when the wind does strange things to his hair. Queen Kim is one month shy of her SEVENTH adoptiversary. Amazing. Time flies. Still my beautiful golden heart of a day. Webby turns seven in about a month and just had his...
  13. Shai

    ShaiCrew Dynamics & A Little Jaunt

    Webby continues to dream of a quiet, peaceful, sun-kissed land wherein he is the only dog. Mira is the most tolerant and forgiving puppy-raiser ever. Kim demonstrates a proper roll. Lodin is puzzled, then decides that this strange game is weird and tries to start better game :P...
  14. Shai

    Tick Season is Upon Us... Help?

    So tick season has returned. I haven't found any yet, but a couple agility classmates have picked ticks off their dogs in the last week so it's just a matter of time, and probably very little of it. Our ticks are...bad. Really bad. Last spring despite keeping the dog yard clear of debris...
  15. Shai

    ShaiCrew: And Then There Were Four

    This was the scene for nearly an hour today: "I like you a lot, Webster." "...Okay, you can stay." And Lodin has a new favorite today...our oldest toy...the one that Kim brought home with her from her foster mom, all those years ago. The mutant dinosaur with a wailing squeaker that...
  16. Shai

    Toy Breed Owners

    So to all the toy breed owners around here... Just want to say I have a new appreciation for how hard it is for you guys to find well-made, inexpensive, lightweight gear for your dogs. I went to Petsmart last night trying to pick up a reasonably cheap 3/8" collar for the little man, who...
  17. Shai

    A Week Later, Lodin is Still Cute

    So he's been home for one week today, and he's still cute. In case you guys were wondering, haha He's a super puppy. Not prone to crate screaming, yet anyway, so that is a blessing after the woeful opera wailers that were Mira and MacNut as puppies. Very bitey, completely crazy for toys, and...
  18. Shai

    Lodin's First Day Home

    Just a few from Lodin's first full day in his new life :) Haz a bucket? He was so cute on the bucket that I treated him there, though I didn't really mark it. So then he was sure the bucket was the secret to success and kept putting paws up on it, haha Mr. Feet Apprentice is...
  19. Shai

    Welcome Home, Little Lodin!

    Home after a long day of driving (blue skies, thank you very much Oko :P) and the little boy is making himself at home. Initial intros went well and he taking everything in stride. Even meeting Brie, who is bigger than he is, haha. Couple pictures, straight out of the car and before it was...
  20. Shai

    Hurray! Hurray! It's Lodin Day!!

    Lodin comes home today. That is all. :D /happy dance