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    A three legged dog

    A three legged dog gets off a stagecoach and is immediately met by the sheriff. "What's your business here?" asks the sheriff. "I'm looking for someone" says the dog. "And who would that be?" "I'm looking for the man that shot my Pa"
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    Puppy biting leash

    let us know what happens Let us know what happens. Have you brought him to obedience training? I wonder if a trainer might have some insights on what is going on. I'm quite sure yours is not the first or only puppy in history to pull this act! If you afraid to pick him up because of biting...
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    Puppy biting leash

    sorry to hear you are still having issues I'm sorry to hear you are still having issues with your puppy at the end of the walk. Especially since I started this thread and my problem has resolved pretty well! In reading your post, I can sense your frustration and even anger at your puppy's...
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    Puppy biting leash

    update- puppy biting leash Thank you for all your great suggestions! What I ended up doing was- go out and buy a chain leash! Riley (my puppy) doesn't like to chew on it. He still jumps up at the end of the walk but now I tell him to sit, then jog over to the run area where he knows I will...
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    Dollars and Sense of 'Pet Store' Puppies

    Breeder sales to pet shop You mean you bought a puppy from a breeder that SUPPLIES a pet shop? Responsible breeders would never sell to a reseller. They don't want their dogs going to people they do not know. Sounds fishy to me.
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    Puppy biting leash

    Hello- newbie here- to the forum but not to dogs! About 2 weeks ago we rescued an 12 week old boxer/yellow lab mix. He's been a great puppy and is already house trained! I've been working with him on leash walking etiquette since the day we took him home and he usually does great- within what...