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  1. Martine

    Dogs and Tea?

    Is normal tea OK to give to dogs occasionally? When I was kid, my friend used to give her dog a drink of tea every day and the dog loved it. I'd forgotten all about it, then yesterday Misha tried to shake a paw while I had a cup of tea in my hand and it went down my leg and my blanket. She...
  2. Martine

    To My Secret Santa - Feliz Navidad

    Thank you for my Christmas message and lovely picture of Airedales at Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to you, and everyone else at Chaz from Misha and myself!!
  3. Martine

    Reducing a Temperature

    Just got back from the vets, Misha has a temperature of 40 degrees about 104 degrees F. Is there anything I should be doing /can do to help reduce the temperature?
  4. Martine

    Another Abscess

    Misha's been moping around the past couple of days, despite some lovely long walks along the beach. Then last night she came up stairs with a bloody mess on her cheek. Another abscess in the same place that she had one in June. Last time the vet said it was her tooth, this time they think it...
  5. Martine

    Recognising a stroke

    My sister sent me this and it seems pretty useful - although I hope I never have to use it! During a BBQ a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured >> everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and just >> tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. >> >>...
  6. Martine

    Happy Birthday ButtGumbo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Hope you have a great day - and visit Chaz more often!!!!
  7. Martine

    Away for a while

    I´m going to be away for a while, no arguements, but just because we´ve lost our internet connection at home - and it could be a while before it is sorted out. It has taken them five days to admit there is a problem in the area, after we bought a new router, paid for someone to look at our pc...
  8. Martine

    Urban Legends - if you're not sure....

    Basset Lover's email thread reminded me of this site which is really useful if you are not whether to believe an email or blog. It's saved me from believing stuff a few times - I'm often Miss Gullable :D
  9. Martine


    Anyone heard from Nicco recently? On the news last night it showed the most awful floods in Romania and I thought about Nicco and Amira, hope they are okay?
  10. Martine

    Richie's Talking Clock

    Every time I see a Richie post I keep getting drawn to the bit about the talking clock, it makes me laugh - it sounds like it should be in something like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. Richie, next time you get that bored you'll be writing some off the wall best seller. :D
  11. Martine

    Need some Advice Please

    Last week I woke up in the night to find Misha had chewed and scratched a large part of plaster & paint of the wall on the stairs. We told her off, she sulked for a day or two and has ignored it since. This is the first time she has chewed anything she shouldn't. Just turned round from the...
  12. Martine

    Anybody cheer me up?

    I am so fed up......we are now in our second day without water to flush toilets, shower, wash-up etc, it's in the high nineties and to make matters worse we have guests staying. For the first time today I really just wanted to be back in the UK.....we've just recovered from two really stressful...
  13. Martine

    Can't sleep...too nervous

    I'm turning into an insomniac..........last week the house in front was broken into, then a fcouple of days later another house in front had an attempted break in, and when we went outside we found out they'd been all over our roof and trying to lever open our patio doors....then same thing...
  14. Martine

    Happy Birthday Avenlee!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have had a fantastic birthday weekend!!!! big hugs, Martine & Misha :)
  15. Martine

    Give A dog a bone...

    and she is terrified of it! We got Misha her first raw bones today. After the tooth abscess episode we thought they would be a good idea to help her teeth stay clean. However she just sniffed at the one I held out for her and ran it is sitting in her bowl and she keeps coming over...
  16. Martine

    Tooth Extraction

    The abscess on Misha's face is now going down (sighs of relief all round!), but the vet has been warning us it will probably lead to an extraction of the tooth - i think it will be a top molar. Has anyone got experience of a tooth extraction on a dog? Are they likely to put her under a general...
  17. Martine

    Not my best return

    I get back from the UK to find Misha with a huge lump on her face, which appeared while Bill was fetching me from the airport!! She's on antibiotics now but this morning it burst while we were out on a walk, while being chased by a stray dog....just about to go to the vets - am praying they...
  18. Martine

    See you all later!

    I'm off to the UK for a week - leaving Bill to look after Misha, or maybe vice versa.... Have a great week of posting, miss you all!
  19. Martine

    I'm back!

    Well I haven't actually been anywhere, but my parents have gone back to the UK so it is back to the PC. How is everyone? Bill is away as well, so the house feels really quiet, except of course for the sound of Misha racing round looking for the missing visitors. We had a great time, did...
  20. Martine

    My visitors

    My Parents are arriving tomorrow and i'm already excited!!!!!!!! I feel like a kid again. It's been a few months since I saw them last. When I was in the UK I used to see them loads. My dad's 79 so I really value time I get with him (without being morbid), because you just never know what is...