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    Laser Therapy- anybody have any experience?

    My office recently got a therapy laser. We have used it a few times on different patients, but I'm interested in seeing if anyone has had any personal experience with their dog?:)
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    rainy day at the house

    My American Bulldog and I are stuck in the house today because it is raining. He is very upset at the fact that we can't go outside and play and he has been moping around the house all morning. He wants to go outside and I let him go out, he just turns around and looks at me like "aren't you...
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    I'm new here

    I joined a few weeks ago, but really haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet. I work as a veterinary assistant at a large vet hospital and I own an American Bulldog and 6 cats. I joined this blog to try and help others with some questions that they may have about their dogs as well as...