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    Responsible Breeders websites

    If you are a responsible breeder who shows, health tests, registers your puppies with a governing national club and is intent on preserving and improving your breed then you are welcome to post your website on this thread. Please state what breed(s) and post your website address. Backyard or...
  2. Bolerame

    Bolerame Photography (hobby photographer)

    I love photography and take photos of scenery, dogs and dog shows, horses and horse shows, flowers, birds, weddings. I rarely leave the house without my camera.
  3. Bolerame

    Canine Photography

    My photography. My best subject are my own dogs :lol-sign: our Borzoi puppy, Magic at 4 months of age. Our beautiful Strider (Ch.Bolerame N Tricker's Dunedain) at 1 year of age. Strider at 8 weeks of age. Ch.Emikaun Titan Moon at Bolerame at 3 years of age...
  4. Bolerame

    Brooke.... You leave a legacy to carry on ...

    Why did you leave when we weren't there to be with you? For years we felt as though your health was fading but you passed the dreaded 8 year mark... and then you surprised us by reaching 10..... and amazed us when you passed 12. I honestly thought that you were going to make 13 only 4 short...
  5. Bolerame

    Our beautiful Honey..... We miss you so much...

    You left us so quickly.... so suddenly.... we barely had time to understand what was happening..... you died in my arms with your family surrounding you... our tears soaking your fur. Our beautiful girl.... Canadian Champion.... best friend.... sister.... our first champion from our first...
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    Photos of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

    These are a few photos from my album "The Stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains". Please visit my profile to view the whole album. We'd taken a day road trip from Calgary to Jasper last spring to deliver a puppy and traveled the Columbia Icefields Parkway. Most of the photos were taken on the...
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    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Hi, We welcome y'all to visit our site and meet our beautiful Boxer dogs.
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    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Breeding and showing Boxer dogs of exceptional beauty and temperament. Puppies available occasionally. Bolerame Boxers Reg'd - Calgary,AB - Canada
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    Bolerame Boxers Reg'd

    Visit our website and view the TONS of photos of our beautiful dogs.
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    Chazhound admin - please respond. Re: Viewing dog pictures

    Could someone from Chazhound tell me why I cannot access the Dog pictures site? I keep getting a "page cannot be found" error. When I try to contact Chazhound about this problem, I get the same "page cannot be found" error when I hit submit. This has been going on for a number of months now...
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    Bolerame Boxers Updated

    Hi, Please come and visit our website and see the updates on our dogs and their accomplishments in the showring. Hopefully we'll have news soon on upcoming litters. If you do stop by and visit, please take a moment to sign our guestbook. Thanks so much, Lena of Bolerame Boxers Home...
  12. Bolerame

    Viewing Dog Pictures page. Not working....

    Does anyone know why, when trying to access the Dog pictures page OR if you try and leave a message for Chazhound, that it comes up as 404 Page Not Found? I have not been able to access the pictures page for over a month from ANY computer.
  13. Bolerame

    New Canadian Champion!!!

    Hi, this is more a brag than anything :) . Please check our our Boxer website for photos of our new Canadian Champion, Bolerame's Aragorn at Asuncion and also of our girl, Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar who earned 4 points at the Evelyn Kenny Kennel Club All Breed Dog show on July 16, 2005!! There...
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    Our Boxer website

    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][SIZE=4][COLOR=Navy] Hello everyone, I hope that y'all will check out our website at It is all created by me, including the graphics. On the site are our present Boxer dogs, past puppies who have gone on to new homes, news about...