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    WDJ Top-Approved Dry Foods

    Just read Feb's WDJ and my dog's food, Addiction, is on the list of 2009 top-approved dry foods! I currently feed their Salmon bleu as part of his rotation and he loves it. I feel good as I think Addiction uses excellent quality ingredients. Some other good foods in the list as well...
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    Too much fish?

    If I'm feeding my dog a fish-based dry food, would it be overdoing it if I also give some fresh cooked fish? My dog is on a rotation diet and gets home-cooked food in addition to Addiction Salmon Bleu dry food. Thanks!
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    Dog saves kittens! So touching!
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    Addiction Raw Dehydrated

    Thought this would be helpful for anyone who wanted feedback on raw dehydrated food. I have been feeding my Dal Addiction canned food for the past few years and recently switched to Addiction raw dehydrated a few months back. I was excited about the premium protein content in the food and wanted...
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    Cats sense illness?

    A friend's grandmother was diagnosed with dementia a while back. The family then noticed that their cat's health started to deteriorate almost exactly along with the grandmother, who was the one who took care of the cat most. He's been getting thinner and refuses to eat sometimes. Could be a...
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    Old English Sheepdog: Advice Appreciated!

    This website has been incredibly informative and helpful, I've gotten so much useful info on what to look out for in a breeder, and to stay away from puppy mills. I am thinking about owning an Old English Sheepdog in about a year or so. The thing is, this breed isn't common at all where I live...
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    Newbie saying hello!

    Hi, Lots of great info here!