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  1. Stillwater

    Several photos

    I got the camera out after some of my crew. So here they are in no particular order. My 6.5+ year old Dane Deacon 3.5 year old PRT Redford More coming (I am unsure how many I can put in a post)
  2. Stillwater

    A few terriers

    I snapped a quick pic of some of my dogs. One of the terriers dug out of my fence and went on a bit of a walk about. Can you guess which one? Here are all the terrier kids. These are why I cannot have nice things..or a snack. BTW, this picture was taken the next day after the walk...
  3. Stillwater

    a rubber eraser with ears

    Begging for turkey.
  4. Stillwater

    It really is cute.

    Panda is something else. I had just gotten her out from under the shed out back because she keeps going under there. I need to block it off this weekend. I do not think I have ever owned or seen a cuter animal. Yes she needs grooming and stripping but my house is cold and my tile floors...
  5. Stillwater

    The dogs at Stillwater

    Hi. I thought I would share some of my dogs with everyone. I will have to dig a bit into PB, I have not uploaded any new pictures. Most are on FB which is blocked at my office. ;) Here they are in no particular order. This is Rodeo. He just turned 4 years old. He is an Ibizan...
  6. Stillwater

    Hi from Georgia

    Howdy everyone! This looks like a fairly active dog forum. My name is Vickie, as in my title, I live in Georgia. I am married with a 16 year old daughter. I support my dog habit by spending long days being an experiential graphic designer. My daughter and I are fairly active in the...