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  1. Shai

    Rare breeds you've met and less rare breeds you haven't

    I met some Australian Koolies. They were pretty neat I guess ;)
  2. Shai

    Breeders and Registered Names

    At least in AKC I don't personally know any breeders who stand by their dogs who don't require the kennel name to be part of the registered name, usually at the beginning but that convention varies by breed. Other than that, rules run from anything else you want to the breeder naming all the...
  3. Shai

    What color is Tucker?

    He's a clear sable (called fawn in some breeds), not ee-yellow like a golden retriever. The giveaway is the black hair on his tail -- an ee-yellow dog has all black masked by the yellow (barring somatic mutation or something crazy like that, which is normally patchy). Basically he's the same...
  4. Shai

    Winter coats

    I am a big fan of hurtta winter jackets as well. So well made, fit my dogs great, toasty warm.
  5. Shai

    Agility training

    End of the trial season for us too :(. Probably for the best, but I miss it already. Babydog in particular needs some training gaps filled in though, as his enthusiasm is making him a hazard to himself. So hopefully after a little rest period we can get to work on that and then be back stronger...
  6. Shai

    PetzLife oral care gel

    I give my dogs a small piece of hard FD liver after the PetZLife. This was enough to convince Mira, Webster, and Kim that it was bearable and they will line up for it, though they clearly don't care for the gel itself. Lodin on the other hand hates it so I don't force it. All four of them...
  7. Shai

    Big News!

    Congrats on the new addition!
  8. Shai

    What do you like to see in a dog ramp?

    Folding/breaking down as small as possible for stowing, long enough to ease the slope from the back of an SUV, all-weather traction that holds up in rain and a wet dog, wide enough for a big excited dog, preferably with slightly raised edges to help them keep their feet.
  9. Shai

    Early morning landscape with Sylphrena

    Stretch forth thy paw, Sylphrena! Everything the light your kingdom... (Yeah that photo is completely gorgeous)
  10. Shai

    LH Whippet vs Silken vs Borderwhippet

    Sheltie, from what I understand, not collie. But your point holds.
  11. Shai

    Keechak Puppies are 6 months old!

    Gosh they grow up so fast!
  12. Shai

    Structural Critique?

    For sure one of the more balanced and sound looking chessies I've seen. Boy looks good
  13. Shai

    Does your dog meet standard?

    Mira: Yes, physically and mentally. Lodin: The breed ring wouldn't like him but physically yes. Herding ability is unproven. Kim & Webster: Best examples of their breeds that have ever existed. Ever.
  14. Shai

    Baby Boy is All Grown Up (And Officially Measured)

    Yeah there's a reason I prefer the Flatcoat coat. No undercoat, flat-lying hair but with pretty fringe. Not cottony. Kind of my idea of the perfect coat. Most of Lodin's coat is his neck, pants, and tail. His body isn't that heavily coated, tbh, and it's a nice harsh coat. I had him out in...
  15. Shai

    Baby Boy is All Grown Up (And Officially Measured)

    Yeah, he has a lot less coat than many Border Collies, but he still has a lot more coat than say...Meg and Gusto haha. Late this summer. He's entered in Jumpers and Standard right now (we have to enter everything 2 months in advance here) but I may pull him from Standard before the closing...
  16. Shai

    Baby Boy is All Grown Up (And Officially Measured)

    Little Lodin is nearing 18 months and hasn't grown in over half a year. Hard to believe my little puppy is all grown up already. He weighed in on the vet scale at 34lbs, and was officially measured for his temp height card last week at 19-3/4" Now...time to go do things :)
  17. Shai

    In Case Of Emergency Pet Window Alerts

    That was my plan! I've heard the same complaint about cjildren stickers that are out of date.
  18. Shai

    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    I have been turned down twice, both when seeking a second dog (2008). Both times for living in an apartment. Both times because the dog I was interested in was deemed too high energy for apartment living by the shelter/rescue.
  19. Shai

    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    Yes, and Multiple Hive Syndrome seem to be a close cousin to Multiple Tank Syndrome (for fish keepers) ;)
  20. Shai

    RedBrick....farms? Apiary? Mental Institute?

    Yeah, mine are from Georgia too. There are local people breeding queens, though, so I may try to split with one of their queens and see how it goes.