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  1. Charliedadog

    Charlie the beagle videos

    I think that i will post my videos in one Thread to avoid to many posts Charlie the beagle is getting ready for his play date: Laura did a good job on our dog Charlie ...what a strong love bond they have together... I love how Laura holds up the mirror at the end to show Charles how handsome he...
  2. Charliedadog

    Charlie getting such loving and gentle care after he injured his paw

    Frozen grass is not friendly for beagle paws, Charlie hurt his paw and now he limps. There is no need to worry because Charlie has the best care in the world and the wound is just a scratch :)
  3. Charliedadog

    This is why beagles are perfect family dogs

    Beagles are one of the friendliest dogs,they enjoy human company and they are incredibly tolerant. Unfortunately due to their size and passive nature they are most often used in animal testing..........But beagles can be perfect family dogs!!! This is why I made this video
  4. Charliedadog

    Exhausting Potty Training

    Our Puppy Ollie*was so bored of potty training that he fell asleep:rofl1: cS4oZQTgtmU
  5. Charliedadog

    Ollie Struggle To Get On The Couch - happy ending

    Our beagle puppy Ollie trying to get a nap on our daughter belly but he can't get on couch I hope you like this video:) iGy7chNYvQQ
  6. Charliedadog

    Welcome home Ollie:Our new family member:D

    Our bad boy Ollie was born on 16th of October 2015 in Kilkenny, Ireland. We are very surprised he can climb the stairs already and knows how to sit . Hopefully he will be easy to train, so far he is very stubborn and doesn't listen, unless you have some treat m7JnXWj6IIg
  7. Charliedadog

    Our Christmas video is ready:)

    Laura and Charlie were helping mother to make gingerbread for Christmas. Hopefully you will like watching it and Merry Christmas everyone G8Ppxmp_CuE
  8. Charliedadog

    You can't be bored when you raising dog and baby together:)

    Charlie loves his blue cloth and his little human is up to something mischievous. The playful little girl takes the blue cloth from Charlie to tease him. And then the real fun starts!:rofl1: CAdylebojEw
  9. Charliedadog

    ,,Why you should get a beagle" is the cutest dog video you'll see today:)

    Beagles are the cutest, most intelligent and stubborn dogs ever. If you get one your life will never be the same I hope you will like this video :)
  10. Charliedadog

    Beautiful dog life with a toddler

    This video show you how kids should interact with a dog. They eat together, they play together and sleep together. They are just a best friends:)
  11. Charliedadog

    Charlie singing Say Something:D

    Say something song it's a perfect match for Charlie yelling Have a nice Day:)
  12. Charliedadog

    Baby and Dog take each other for a walk

    Teaching baby how to walk a dog properly (Or teaching dog how to walk a baby :D ) was one of the hardest things ever, especially when your dog is a Beagle ( They are terrible at walking on the lead). They had to learn how to cooperate together and my daughter learned one the most important...
  13. Charliedadog

    Stubborn baby and more stubborn beagle:)

    Our baby Laura has to learn beagles are the most stubborn dogs ever and hidden things are not the problem for them Have a nice weekend and please enjoy
  14. Charliedadog

    Charlie Photo album

    Charlie in Doolin. Our favorite place in Ireland for a long walk:)
  15. Charliedadog

    Charlie Performs Happy Dance on the Grass

    There is nothing better in the world for a dogs than fresh cut grass just to roll over
  16. Charliedadog

    Dogs are family and all family matters

    Hi my friends This video is to prove that you can rise dog and baby together, you just have to let baby know it's the same as a human just have four legs. Hopefully you will like this video and let us know what do you think about it.
  17. Charliedadog

    It's never too late to train your beagle to get along with your children

    This is a compilation from a first year of life my daughter with my Charlie. I think they are really a best friends:)
  18. Charliedadog

    Baby Teaches Dog to use Hoover

    Welcome back my fur friends. Long time no see My daughter is a big girl now and a beagle lover Watch as Laura points Charlie in the direction of the hoover. Using his paws, Charlie presses the right button and turns the hoover on.
  19. Charliedadog

    Dogs shaming video for barking in the middle of the night

    Two dogs were barking in the middle of the night, We decided to punish them by this shaming video
  20. Charliedadog

    My first video clip with my daughter and Charlie

    Hello everyone! I am getting so many messages every day that child and dog not supposed to be raised together. With my videos I hope people will change them mind. Today I made video clip with Charlie and my beautiful daughter singing for the first time ;) Amazing feeling to see your...