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  1. bogolove

    Need advice on how to help grandmother

    Recently, we lost my grandfather. He was 91 years old. He and my grandmother were married for 63 years. She is 83 years old. She basically just used to watch whatever he wanted to on tv (usually it was sports,but she didn't mind, she is like me and enjoys them). But now if you go over...
  2. bogolove

    Our kitty

    Back in February I lost a cat that I had taken in as a stray. I was just to having my three sets of paws running around, so after a few weeks of missing it, I had to adopt another baby. He has become a huge part of my world, and I just love him to pieces. I just wanted to share some photos of...
  3. bogolove

    Brady got sprayed by a skunk

    :yikes:So we were on a hike today, and Brady ran into a baby skunk, and I told him to leave it, but he just kept trying to sniff its bottom, and sure enough the thing got scared enough and sprayed him. Five baths later, of beer, shampoo and skunk shampoo, there is only a hint of a scent left...
  4. bogolove


    I know I have not been on here in forever, and I was missing some of you guys and thought maybe I should share some updated pics of Brady since it has been forever since I have been on here. I hope you all are doing well.[/IMG]
  5. bogolove

    Tennessee People

    Anyone going to the Dog Day Festival in Nashville on Saturday? I know there isn't many Tennessee peeps on here, but I was just curious as to if any were going.
  6. bogolove

    Panama City Beach

    I haven't been since, oh, I don't know, spring break in college, but the hubby had points built up and we have a free room there this week. Anyone been in a while? I am looking for some decent restaurants with a nice atmosphere. Seafood, I would also like a nice sushi restaurant, etc. A...
  7. bogolove

    Makes me sick at my stomach

    I am literally sick at my stomach after reading this..... How can people do this? Have we already talked about this? If we have, sorry, I haven't had a chance to get on in a few days.
  8. bogolove


    What is the best thing for keeping mosquitos away, when you have a cookout or something like that? I have seen those OFF lanterns, but what else is out there that works pretty good. I don't like the messy candles, bc we have already had an incident where we forgot about one and it melted in...
  9. bogolove

    Plant people

    Ok, I am looking for a good plant that would be good in direct sumlight. I want a couple of potted plants for my deck, but it gets a lot of sunlight in the afternoon so I need something that can stand the sunlight. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be in the sunlight from about...
  10. bogolove

    To Everyone

    I just want you all to know how great you guys are. I am so happy to have found a place where, even in disagreements, everyone has the best interest for not only their own dogs, but dogs in general. And all animals for that matter. I am glad that everyone is truthful on how they feel, and...
  11. bogolove

    Pic of Brady and Jenny

  12. bogolove

    My dog threw a fit, reminding me of a child's temper tantrum

    Brady does NOT like to be left in the backyard if Mr. Domingo is around for some reason. (Mr. Domingo is the orange cat we took in). I have seen Mr. Domingo with him, and yes, he is playful, but he is not mean, he is such a sweet cat and he just wants to rub on anything that moves to be loved...
  13. bogolove

    Tick bite

    I went mountain biking with the hubby on Saturday and he found a tick on my neck afterwards. Two days later my lymph nodes were all swollen around it and I could turn my neck, but very gingerly. I went to the doctor yesterday, and they gave me a tetanus shot and some antibiotic. That thing...
  14. bogolove

    Virginia Tech Shootings

    Can you believe this? How awful! The poor families are probably running around frantically trying to make sure their children are ok. It is just awful!,2933,266374,00.html I cannot imagine sitting in class, wishing it were Friday, and some kid walks in...
  15. bogolove

    New Vacuum!

    Our other vacuum decided to die on us after three years of being such a good employee. ;) We were so sad to see her go. So, we haven't had a vacuum for about a month and our floors were getting pretty dirty, from pet hair, dirt, etc. We were about to buy one when the "Brady eating...
  16. bogolove

    Brady's belly

    Brady's belly is starting to look much better. He has had the staples in now for a little over a week and it is healing up. He will be able to get them out sometime next week. They said 10-14 days, so we are going to try to shoot for later in the week to give it as much time as possible to...
  17. bogolove

    Jack the German Shepherd/Collie Mix

    He is the daily puppy today, and I just wanted you guys to see him, bc he is just adorable. I don't even know him, and I love him to pieces! Check him out: I would not be able to say no to that face.....
  18. bogolove

    I just hit 4,000!

    4,000 posts! it took me a while, but I am coming along!
  19. bogolove

    Who is supposed to pick up trees and wood?

    The neighbor had her tree cut down and the guy who did it cut some brush from behind our fence. Well, the jerk left the whole tree in a pile behind my fence and said he was coming back for it and never did. Who is supposed to pick it up? Isn't there something in the City that comes by and...
  20. bogolove

    Brady update since the surgery

    He is doing much better, we went on a very short walk yesterday, and it made him so tired. But he got to do some sniffing which was good for him. His belly is looking better, I give him 1 antibiotic pill a day and 1 pill for pain twice a day which he is doing very well taking. I just place it...