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  1. JacksonsMom

    How long would your dog survive a zombie apocalypse?

    LOL because this forum is somewhat dead, I'm bored today and have been watching too much Walking Dead (I decided to re-watch the series from the beginning, I forgot just HOW good it is).:p Do you think your dog would be a tough survivor in a zombie apocalypse or would be out at the first sign...
  2. JacksonsMom

    Some outdoor fun time with Jackson, Lola & horse, Tico

    I forgot to post these. Some are edited some are not, I am lazy. This dog. She is such a dork and I love her.
  3. JacksonsMom

    Jackson/Lola/friends Snowzilla 2016

    Taken on different days. The first few photos were the day after we had almost 48 hours of snowfall.
  4. JacksonsMom

    Making farm/horse fences safe for dogs

    So my mom and stepdad just bought a new house. We settle on Aug 22nd. It's almost 5 acres total. It's fenced off in like 3-4 sections so ready for horses already. There's one area that is a bit less than half the size of this (I don't have a picture of it). That I would like to be...
  5. JacksonsMom

    Webcam for hotel

    Going to Gettysburg like we do every summer and the only time I leave Jackson in the room is the one night we go to dinner at an indoor restaurant. He typically does fine, as far as I know, but I'm always super paranoid the whole dinner (2-3 hours). I'd love to be able to spy in on him, make...
  6. JacksonsMom

    Poop bags

    Ok guys I need suggestions for BEST POOP BAGS! I'm a dog walker and find so many of them to be sooo annoying to get open and when I often have multiple dogs, leashes, etc, it's a pain in the butt to sit there trying to open a bag for 5 mins to pick up the poop. I've used Earthrated and do really...
  7. JacksonsMom

    Orijen Senior

    Anyone ever fed it? I've gotten a few of the sample 1lb bags of Orijen Senior and fed them to Jackson mixed with his Acana Duck & Pear and his poop looked better to me. Not by a ton... but better, firmer. I've been feeding Acana duck for a while now mixed in with an occasional bag of Purina...
  8. JacksonsMom

    Lola spaying issue

    So Lola is now 8 months old. Birthday is September 4th. She is not spayed yet. Question is, I am so not used to female dogs... I honestly don't even know when she will go into heat. I know she's in the time frame where she could but I wouldn't even know what to look for or how to know to...
  9. JacksonsMom

    Pet sitting is the worst job for me.

    Now I want a Mini Aussie and a Golden Retriever. Because I have two most awesome clients ever of these breeds and would like them to be cloned pretty please. But really it's so great because I can cross off the 'definite no's' on my breed list but I also get to experience more breeds closer...
  10. JacksonsMom

    Jackson, Lola, friends RUNNNN

    I was so thrilled that these two dogs I watch (my moms friend) has a huuuugee fenced in dog area in her apartment complex that no one like EVER uses so we always have it all to ourselves. It's awesome. picture heavy. Some are blurry but they were cute anyway so I'm posting them. it...
  11. JacksonsMom

    Horrible RV ride... anxiety/help?!

    Sooo we drove the RV to Florida over the course of 2 days... Think we prob did about 7-8 hours of driving each day. Jackson was a NERVOUS WRECK nearly the entire time. He's fine in a car for long distances, he's fine in the RV when it's not moving, and actually he's been fine in the RV for...
  12. JacksonsMom

    Dog friendly things to do in Florida

    I'll be traveling with my dad, stepmom, brother plus Jackson and their 2 dogs in the RV to head to Florida for a week to visit my grandma who lives there. We'll be in Leesburg, FL which is apparently like 30-40 mins away from Orlando. Any ideas on dog friendly things to do in the area? I...
  13. JacksonsMom

    Jackson and Lola Snow Time Fun

    Firstly, Lola is now... 5 1/2 months, I believe? 11lbs, and super fluffy. I've fallen in love with this dog, for sure. And so has Jackson. And while she's not "mine" she might as well be.
  14. JacksonsMom

    The Dream Of Dogs Riding On Amtrak Is Tantalizingly Close

  15. JacksonsMom

    A few from today's exploration

    It was about 50 degrees today so took advantage of having a nice day and took Jax all around the small historical towns near my dads house and we walked around quite a bit. Got a few photos as well. We had a harness change because I had the new Ruffwear harness in the car and wanted to test...
  16. JacksonsMom

    Dogs in public places

    I never realized how controversial of an issue this was until I was just reading the comments section of an article about certain stores that often allow dogs. I just couldn't believe how harsh some of the comments were. Like I realize not every one likes or appreciates dogs, and I get it...
  17. JacksonsMom

    Multifunctional leashes?

    I've been wanting a multifunctional leash or Euro Lead like forever. It will come in handy while on trips/vacations and such, or when we eat outside with Jackson so I can just loop his leash around my chair or the table and whatnot. But I really still want a real "handle" (just one that can...
  18. JacksonsMom

    Ruffwear Front Range Harness

    Tell me if I do or don't need one. Okay we all know I don't need one. But are they worth it? I mean, realistically, we don't do a TON of "true" hiking, more just basic walking, and even for hiking technically speaking his Puppia works just fine. We also have an EzyDog harness that I use...
  19. JacksonsMom

    If your dogs could talk, what voice would they be?

    Ohhhkayy, our family can't be the only crazy ones who have voices for all the dogs. LOL. My stepmom and I often have conversations between the dogs :rofl1: So Buddy, her LH dachshund mix is overweight and very boring most of the time. He definitely talks in an Eeyore voice. Jackson is...
  20. JacksonsMom

    Your favorite TYPE of collar (leather, fabric, other, etc)

    I guess I like all for different reasons. In the summer I primarily use his biothane collars from Fraggle Rock just because he's often in or near water or beaches etc. He rarely wears leather in the summer just because I don't want them ruined from chlorine in the pool. In the fall and winter...