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  1. drmom777

    Questions and reflections on our first nicely bred dog.

    OK, I have some questions and thoughts on owning this unquestionably good looking pup. First of all, he has a beautiful expression, is outgoing and so far, at twelve weeks has no obvious conformational issues. The parents are great- he's "all grand" for five generations- so all of his...
  2. drmom777

    Tired of Garnett yet?

    We're certainly not tired of him- he is seriously a delight It finally stopped raining and we had him outside. I meant to take pics, but got mini video instead. Don't know how this will work- but here goes. [/URL]age1-1.mp4][/URL]...
  3. drmom777

    Garnett the baby coondawg

    We went and picked up our puppy from Connecticut today. He is actually pretty fabulous, since he is calm, friendly and fearless- pretty much a perfect temperament I think. He thinks kids are great. I can't believe how much extra skin he has. And the velvetty hound ears... Anyway, all I...
  4. drmom777

    In an act of insanity-we get a puppy

    After losing Uncle Fred on Monday, something I don't know when we will recover from, we are getting a puppy on Sunday. My 13 year old son wants to get into hunting and showing a nice hound, and we have the offer of a gorgeous Walker pup. I have never had a dog that is bred like this, and I...
  5. drmom777

    Uncle Fred-7 years with us

    Uncle Fred's heart just stopped. He had spent the day at the vet getting iv antibiotics, still without a diagnosis. He looked a little better and came home eagerly around five, with iv fluids and antibiotics for the night. He would have gone back to the vet for the day again tomorrow. Steve...
  6. drmom777

    Uncle Fred is Ill

    I have not been here very much, but for those that remember, please hold Uncle Fred in your thoughts. His kidneys are failing, and he is not looking good. I'm sitting up with him, giving him subcutaneous normal saline and hoping for the best. He goes back to the vet tomorrow- but he looks...
  7. drmom777

    Electric Fence

    Electric Fence? I have always hated electric fencing. But with me working about 80 hours a week this year (I took a second job on top of being a resident physician, I'm crazy) and it looks like Steve will have a full time job too, I would like for the kids to be able to let the dogs out in the...
  8. drmom777

    Diabetes Is Not My Friend

    I'm going to try the magical venting thing referred to by Fran and see if it helps. I know my problems pale in comparison with those of others, here and elsewhere, but that doesn't mean I'm handling them well at all. What's going on with my health is not working well with my personality, and it...
  9. drmom777

    I'm Back-If Anyone Remembers Me

    Hi. I'm posting a periodic update. I have been lurking periodically, but haven't been here regularly since I started my psychiatry residency in July of 2010. I work truly horrific hours and commute two hours each way and have a bunch of kids and numerous pets, so have been too busy to sleep...
  10. drmom777


    For those who know the situation in my home. Unbelievably, and with much last minute drama, my daughter Molly is finally at the American School for the Deaf, in Hartford, in their PACES program for children with emotional and behavioral disorders. She has been there three weeks, and is...
  11. drmom777

    I need to rehome my dogs

    I haven't been on here much lately because I work some 60-70 hours a week and my daughter is really a disaster these days. This is an impossible post for me to make but I have no choice. My husband really isn't much of an animal person. He is now responsible for caring for the dogs, and he...
  12. drmom777

    Hello, how's it going?

    I am stopping in to say "Hi". i have a few days off, but tomorrow am heading to Milwaukee with my fencing son for a big competition. We get to check out the new airport scanners in person. Then next week I am back to working 12 hour night shifts in the ER until the end of the month, including...
  13. drmom777

    Very Dizzy

    I am not talking about Dizzy our member, but vertigo. I got used to taking the insulin, doesn't bother me anymore, because it works so very well and gives me a nice sense of control over the delightful diabetes. And I am fortunate in having no insulin resistance so I have to take really small...
  14. drmom777

    Feeling sorry for myself

    My health sucks and it makes me angry. Ad I am feeling disgustingly sorry for myself. I need to stop it.
  15. drmom777

    First of July

    I officially started work today. I am on salary, have an official drmom doctor badge, and will be on call from Saturday at 8 am to Sunday at 8 am. I really think this program will be a good fit for me. Still can't believe I am really back working as a dr. I keep waiting for the next latte...
  16. drmom777

    No Katanya

    For those who know what I am talking about, we just found out from the hospital that there will be no Katanya, to the relief of ALL parties.
  17. drmom777

    But on the bright side.....

    I have been doing orientation for my new job all week and it looks like it will be better than I had hoped for....and I had some pretty high hopes. Maimonides Hospital is in about the coolest neighborhood I have ever run across, and it draws its patient population form there. If you start...
  18. drmom777

    Still Need Prayers and Vibes Too

    I really do not want to post the sordid and unbearably sad details of what is going on here. So what I need is prayers and vibes that life be less like a really bad made for tv movie.
  19. drmom777

    Hugs? Vibes? Something?

    I am in deep need of hugs or prayers or vibes or something.
  20. drmom777

    Uncle Fred's Approach to the Ladies

    Uncle Fred is not much of a humper. He will obviously attempt to go after females in heat, and sometimes after certain neutered males. However he tends to just fall in love with older, spayed females. It actually looks like romantic love to me. And he looks and acts like an absolute doof...