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  1. Romy


    So I'm looking at fencing in about half an acre at some point here and looking for recommendations. Priorities are: Budget friendly Nice looking 6' tall Sturdy No gaps animals could get through (like smallish puppies) As an idea of what I'm thinking of, I'm leaning toward...
  2. Romy

    2014 Christmas Card Exchange

    Is this going to happen again? We always love getting cards from so many different places. If there's already a thread for it my apologies, didn't see one.
  3. Romy

    Braiding Leather?

    Does anybody know where to find good tutorials on how to braid kangaroo leather the way folks do for making show leads? I'm not really interested in doing it commercially, but I would LOVE to make my own leash. Maybe a show lead for practice, but what I really want is a 6' black leather kangaroo...
  4. Romy

    Mini bull terriers?

    What are they like? Regular sized bull terriers? Do they have DA tendencies like most other bully/terrier breeds? Are they good alert barkers or are they more quiet?
  5. Romy


    Sometime in the next couple of years I'd like to travel to California. Never been there. Have one cousin who lives in San Jose, but that's pretty much it. There are a few really big dog shows I'd like to attend. And I was thinking it'd be fun to take extra days off and do some sight seeing...
  6. Romy


    Luna says, "Like my ear muffs? I grew them myself."
  7. Romy

    So I didn't want a white dog. . .

    Thanks a lot Murphy. In other news, Gallant is freaking adorable. Wish I was keeping a boy too.
  8. Romy


    Got a camera from a friend! Still figuring out the settings so they're a little dark. From left to right Luna, Selene, and Lenore. Luna slept through most of the photoshoot so not a lot of pictures of her this time. Selene Lenore. She's a red/gold sable. Eventually all that...
  9. Romy

    I have all these puppies

    And no decent camera. ;_; And their eyes finally opened. :thumbdown:
  10. Romy

    Zoipies :)

    So CrystalGSD was right that there was 7 puppies. 4 girls, 3 boys. Sadly, one of the girls had a detached placenta. She fought hard and lasted 3 days, but didn't make it. I'm glad we had the chance to meet her though. They were born 8 days ago. I just finally got enough energy to post about it...
  11. Romy

    X-ray Time!!!

    Taking bets: How many puppies do folks think she's going to have? :D She's going in for an xray tomorrow. They're due on the 13th. :yikes: I can't believe it's already so close!
  12. Romy

    Happy Birthday Strider.

    To the best dog ever. <3
  13. Romy

    LGDs and wolf hybrids. Interesting DNA stuff.

    Pops' thread on koochi dogs reminded me of this weird study done on landrace LGDs in the Caucasus. Apparently there is a noteworthy amount of interbreeding between wild wolves and LGDs, with some of the working dogs they tested being F1 wolf hybrids. Really fascinating stuff. I wonder if there...
  14. Romy

    Superficial Reasons You Would Own a Breed

    My secret superficial want is one of those puppymill rescue cresteds that look like goblins. Because goblins. Either that or a well bred hairy hairless, because my little pony dog. Or standard poodle so I could groom it to look like a tiny camel. TINY CAMEL.
  15. Romy

    Irrational Wants

    I want this so bad. SO BAD. My son is fixated on fire trucks, and he would love it. I would drive it everywhere. Need groceries? Let's hop in the fire truck! Dog show? Lets strap crates onto the back and go! Wooo! And it's $5k, which is a lot less than I imagined a vintage fire truck might...
  16. Romy

    Need puppy Vibes!

    Or rather, need burly sperm and eggs vibes! Kaia had her first breeding this morning. We're going to repeat it tomorrow to be sure. She ovulated Sunday night so the timing is right anyway. GAAAH PUPPIES!
  17. Romy

    One of Kaia's puppies is missing in Houston TX

    Anybody on Chaz in the area, or who knows anybody in the area please pass it on! We're worried sick and I feel so helpless being over 1000 miles away. Any vibes or prayers you can spare are much appreciated. He's at the top of the link, the silver and white. His...
  18. Romy

    Kitten Help!

    Sooo.... there was a kitten on our porch in a takeout box. I'm probably going to keep him if my dad will get on board with it. What's are the best kitten foods? Are the quality dog kibble brands making comparable cat food or are some companies better at formulating for one species or...
  19. Romy

    Violin People

    I need a couple of affordable violin cases. My violins are really old. Not worth a lot, but have a lot of sentimental value and are in good shape. The cases they are currently in are the original cases. They're hard, wooden, and hard wood on the inside with no padding. The violins can get...
  20. Romy

    Colliewog Rainbow <3

    Logan is an uncle. :) This is a repeat breeding. Here's their big brother. All three big bros when they had their poofies.