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  1. drmom777

    Cross your fingers for Hyia

    Go Hyia!!!
  2. drmom777

    Family dogs

    Consider a coonhound . Most people don't, but they are social, patient, thoroughly non-temperamental, and will take a lot more from kids than the average dog, and happily at that. Uncle Fred was great with kids- and because of his early life he was ver serious and gentle about it. Garnett is...
  3. drmom777

    Ethical/morals question

    And this is why it isn't OK to lie to her to get what you want. Based on your story we don't know why she severed communication and we don't know of anything she actually did wrong. Apparently she rescued the kittens. So how would you like it if you rescued two kittens and someone lied to you to...
  4. drmom777

    Breed type tally thread.

    78 x Mixed Breed 1 x Alaskan Noble Companion Dog Herding 4 x Australian Cattle Dog 1 x Australian Kelpie 1 x Australian Koolie 13 x Australian Shepherd 2 x Beauceron 6 x Belgian Malinois 1 x Belgian Tervuren 10 x Border Collie 2 x Cardigan Welsh Corgi 1 x Catahoula 4 x Collie 1 x...
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    I need prayers for Gunner

    I was so sorry to hear this
  6. drmom777

    Questions and reflections on our first nicely bred dog.

    I know I'm rationalizing. I'm trying to come up with god excuses to do what I want to do... ...and show off my pretty puppy.
  7. drmom777

    Questions and reflections on our first nicely bred dog.

    OK, I have some questions and thoughts on owning this unquestionably good looking pup. First of all, he has a beautiful expression, is outgoing and so far, at twelve weeks has no obvious conformational issues. The parents are great- he's "all grand" for five generations- so all of his...
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    Please don't judge us to harshly

    Enjoy the puppies. They are cute and will help your hearts heal. I also did what we have never done before and bought our pup form a breeder when there were perfectly good options available in shelters. We selfishly wanted a dog that had the expression and physical attributes of Uncle Fred-...
  9. drmom777

    Major vibes for Laura-Leigh

    This is my worst nightmare. There are no words. I can't believe this really happened, and my heart goes out to her and her family and the animals.
  10. drmom777

    Weird question, relating to dogs bollocks..!

    Uncle Fred's were big, dangly, and black and white spotted. They were extremely noticeable. I didn't think they were ugly, exactly, but they sure did make it funny when people kept asking if Uncle Fred was Mini's mother. Garnett, of course has teeny little baby balls.
  11. drmom777

    Too handsome not to share

    That is a very creative and beautiful picture--but I have never seen a picture of victor that was anything but beautiful. Your dog has no bad angles, and is always a picture of grace and athleticism. I thought Uncle Fred was gorgeous- but you had to get the picture just right or he could look...
  12. drmom777

    Siren.... OMG I can't deal with this

    I was truly shocked to see this. I am so sorry.
  13. drmom777

    Happily married/committed people of chaz.. how did you know you found "the one"?

    I knew because he told me so. I was eighteen years old and had known him for three weeks so what did I know? We have been married almost 31 years- and still not bored.
  14. drmom777

    Vibes for summers vet appt?

    Oh good. what a relief!!!!!!!!!
  15. drmom777

    Need A names ASAP

    August--It's one of my favorites, since it sounds nice and and the meaning is perfect, from the online dictionary: au·gust (ô-gst) adj. 1. Inspiring awe or admiration; majestic: the august presence of the monarch. See Synonyms at grand.
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    What do you do that makes casual dog owners balk?

    I have always been a little dog obsessed. And we have spent the last seven years defending a coonhound's right to bawl at things while outdoors supervised during normal working hours. Even in suburban New Jersey. Though it is amazing how many people I don't even know tell me they miss the...
  17. drmom777

    Chaz puppies of 2013

    Here's a couple of Garnett to add to all the cuteness A boy and his pup I'm really laughing inside. Really
  18. drmom777

    My girl is gone

    I'm so sorry. I know she will always be a part of you.
  19. drmom777

    Oh MAN! I hate people! Preggers and dumped!

    Wow, what a sweet faced kitty!
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    What are you sick of hearing in regards to your dogs?

    With the hounds I always get "Wow, is that a beagle?" As popular as beagles are, you would think most people would be aware there is no 28" and under variety. And now with Garnett I get the same question- and he is already way taller than a beagle and obviously a young puppy, what with the...