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    just plain messy

    yes folks, you read that right. long story short a breeding i was planning happend sooner than expected. ruby was in heat, i did all in MY power to keep them on crate rotation and in their "saftey gear" (belly band on jasper, and pants on ruby) they even whent potty seperatly... well i...
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    they graduated!

    the chickens are now 5 1/2 weeks and 6 1/2 weeks (2 batches for those who dont read my blogspot lol) well they were supposed to go out at about 4 weeks... this evening we finally finnished the inside of the coop (and the outside is done enough to be escape proof, intruder proof and water...
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    yet another "new camera?" question

    ok, so i currently have alittle kodak easy share, it works for what it is, basic... i get good shots about 50% of the time, the rest tend to come out fuzzy, grainy, glarey or just plain too dark... i WANT: an easy to use beginner camera something a little more advanced than a simple point...
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    ugh, horrible person and a temp addition

    whent out tonight for a drink and to meet a frined i havent seen in a very long time. a good evening was had untill i left... i hear squeeking from a trash can near my car...i open it to find a little black ball of fur squeeking. in the bottom of the empty trashcan, a little black kitten...
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    i think im going to buy the nekkids a gift...

    when i worked at the doggy day care we had a little pool and ruby loved it... so i think later today im going to go buy them a little kiddy pool from walmart for them to play in... i know its not summer yet...but at 85 degees today its starting to feel like it lol were also planning on...
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    collar for jasper

    Lupine® - Small Dog Products muddy paws silver charm just ducky noble beast which one. Ruby has the cherry blossom as much as i like the silver charm, i think it would blend with his coloring rather than compliment lol. im curently favoring noble beast and just ducky...
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    weddings and stress

    the 2 seem to go together, but what about for bridesmaids. my frined is getting married next year and wants me as a bridesmaid... shes picked out what she wants us to wear (havent seen it yet) but informed us that its gonna cost "around $200 each"... UGH... where the heck am i supposed...
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    gah, its warm out there

    so im doing yard work before the parents come back and ive got a ton to do but i had to take a break the sweats pouring... and its only 75 degrees. LOL so what do you do to keep cool when working in the garden?
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    people suck

    so while my family is away i set aside $20 to take myself out one night for dinner and a drink. (i can have 1 and still drive lol) so i decided to go to chillis, i enjoy their food, i know some of the waitress/waiters there and its an overall nice atmosphere. im sat eating and some idiot...
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    need a simple home cooked recipie

    ok folks, im feeding kirkland kibble, no problems... but the nekkids are on the slim side and i like to add some wet for veriety and to help keep the weight on them, they just dont eat alot of dry... so i headed to costco, i figue kirkland is good, they have wet, read the package, looks as...
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    today i learnt

    when someone takes 13 vials of blood from a single vein, it makes your arm ache.. who knew. before today my highest number was 9 vials... today however they pulled 13 large vials. luckily i have a realy good arm "vein" for blood, very prominant, large and never colapses... so she whent...
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    hmm when do i start to worry?

    our good family friend and neighbor took the family to the dock this morning for their takes 2 1/2 hours... they boarded at 12... so even if he waited... hes got my dads jeep (hes on dads insurance for the jeep as he often picks dad up from the airport ect...yes hes that good of...
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    lol do you think theyd notice

    a lady 2 towns over has nubian goat bottle babies for sale, there TOOO cute only a few days old and i adore nubians and their big ears... you think theyd notice if they came back form vacation and there was a new addition to the family :P i wouldnt realy get one cause were not zoned for it...
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    i love spring

    started doing some major garden work today, im so happy! the suns out... its still very early in the season but ive found this about the best time in our zone to do most of the heavy work, and were very sheltered up here :) today i got a bunch of wood moved to the wood circle, still sooo...
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    im going to the zoo tomorrow

    well me and my sister... lunch bag is packed, backpack stocked with id, cash, and all that fun stuff, need to charge my phone and camera tonight. yay the bronx zoo. pictures are guarenteed! ive lived in ct for 10 years and still not yet made the hour drive to the bronx zoo...what kind of...
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    long future help

    long long in the future (i have to move out of my parents house and become a little more stable first) im adding a "large" dog to my little family... however ive now decided that id like a large dog that could...if all goes well and personality is right...become my service dog. right now ruby...
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    good news!

    after a convo with my new psych doc, he said to bring him some info on psychiatric service dogs and would be willing, if indeed having one helps and can fulfill nessicary tasks of a service dog hed be willing to put a note on my file and give me a letter for my own file (for a just in case of...
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    Want to Watch Chickens Grow?

    Adventures in Back Yard "Farming" i put together a little blog, itll get updated frequently, plenty of pics as i go along too. :) i managed to sell the 7 extra chickies... only for dad to tell me he wants more... so more comming as soon as the hatchery tells me they are lol
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    a question...

    a frined emailed me in "desperation" and honestly, im rather stumped 2 intact females... 1 intact male in the house... 1 female in standing heat... the second female is displaying some signs of heat but doesnt seem to actually be in heat, shes not interested in the male AT
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    they're here they're!

    group shots: now for the individuals! Columbian Rocks, well be keeping 1, just dont know which. Buff Orphington, i think were going to keep the 1st one...they actually threw in a 3rd buff for free lol *MORE*