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  1. sparks19

    Menstrual cups

    Ok ladies, I know we've talked about this before but I'm just venturing into the world of cups. I never imagined I would convert but here I am lol. Tampons have been causing me A LOT of pain lately and I'm just done! I bought the Blossom cup. anyone else used this one? I'm trying it...
  2. sparks19

    The Neighbor SAGA

    Oh Lord willing... Might there be a light at the end of this very looooong tunnel? I'm sure you remember all my posts about the nonsense the neighbors have done over the years. Neighbors have been blaring their music again. We gave them until the noise ordinance of 9 pm this time. Benefit...
  3. sparks19

    Shameless Jamberry promotion

    well... I've just become an independent consultant for Jamberry nails. I'm generally not into the home party thing but with the ability to host parties over facebook and my personal jamberry testimony... I really wanted to do this. My testimony is that Jamberry is what helped me FINALLY kick...
  4. sparks19

    Pumpkins... lt's see them

    Pumpkins... let's see them I want to see your pumpkins :) here are ours... I hand drew them all on the pumpkins.
  5. sparks19

    Chronic upset stomach?

    Hannah has been having chronic stomach issues for the last couple of weeks. Constant upset stomach, she goes between not being able to go #2 at all and having to go all the time, and random bouts of vomiting. I thought that maybe it was because we've been so far off our regular schedule and up...
  6. sparks19

    Article on breastfeeding that you just have to read

    LOL I know we've beaten the breastfeeding thing to death in the past but this article is just too good not to share. WARNING: please refrain from drinking while reading this, this goes for nursing babies as well lol...
  7. sparks19

    What the heck is going on?

    snakes... everywhere this year. First, Belle got this one in the backyard and killed it. Biggest garter snake I've ever come across. it was almost 2 feet long lol. He must have been eating well. Belle probably killed him as revenge for eating all her voles, moles, mice and/or baby rabbits...
  8. sparks19

    Our Wooly bear has completed it's metamorphosis

    So exciting :) We found a wooly bear in the fall and brought it in and looked up how to care for it and it's hibernation cycle and such. We kept it in the fridge to keep her hibernating all winter and we "woke" her up about a month ago and tried to keep her fed until she built her chrysalis...
  9. sparks19

    Custody case of Justina Pelletier

    Thoughts? This is UNBELIEVABLE to me. How can the powers that be just STEAL peoples kids from them because they disagree with a...
  10. sparks19

    Pretty little liars... Spoilers possible

    So... Last episode until june... My thoughts? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Everythig I thought was wrong and the worst thing ever has happened and just ... NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  11. sparks19

    prayers, thoughts, whatever for Brian tomorrow

    If you could spare a good thought or short prayer for Brian tomorrow and in the coming weeks.... He's about to undergo a full hip replacement on his left side tomorrow at 39 years of age. I have to have him at the hospital for 5:30 AM and his surgery is at 7:30 am. He'll be in the...
  12. sparks19

    I am so proud

    I am such a proud mommy. Hannah... all on her own... decided she wanted to provide a child with Christmas this year. All I did was donate an item at the dollar tree and Hannah had a lot of questions about what that was for and how we find children in need. I knew of a place where we could...
  13. sparks19

    Work from home

    Just curious... Anyone know anything about real work from home opportunities that AREN'T things like partylite, scentsy, home show type things? That isnjust NOT my thing at all. I would love to be able to earn a few bucks at home on my schedule but with so many scams I am wondering if...
  14. sparks19

    Duck Dynasty

    Who loves this show? We just started watching it and oh my goodness, I LOVE IT. Best show ever lol. Phil is my favorite. He has the best one liners and I love the way he loves his wife after 48 years :) But Si has got to be a close second. Oh my word the things he comes out with lol...
  15. sparks19

    Need photoshop help. please?!

    I have an image of the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella. I want the stepsisters cut out of the picture and filled in with black so it's like a silhouette does that make sense? Would anyone be willing? I don't have the image online anywhere but I could email it Thanks a bunch, in...
  16. sparks19

    Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty

    Thank God. What a SICK SICK ... I don't know what to call him. Man doesn't sound right because he can't be human. And to think his attorney tried to paint it as him doing a wonderful service for poor ethnic women and he was targeted because he was black? Giving me an EFFING BREAK. His...
  17. sparks19

    Is this right?

    I am looking on pet valus website for a new food and it says for almost every food that 30 lbs (for taste of the wild or blue buffalo, etc) is $70 and up... Is that correct? I mean, that seems insane. Am I just way out there or is this normal pricing?
  18. sparks19


    Whoa... Hannah just had her first for real asthma attack while she was at gymnastics class. She completely panicked. *Talking down a 5 year old who can't breath and is in full Panic mode is a task. *She was freakin and wouldn't take her inhaler. *I finally got her to take it and like magic...
  19. sparks19

    What is your bad habit?

    Mine is biting my nails. I wish I could stop but it's like a drug. I bite them so badly that my finger tips are in constant pain. So frustrating lol
  20. sparks19

    The big Disney Report

    well... I figured I'd get started on our trip report. This is going to take days to complete probably so bear with me and check back often haha. Our trip started at 3 am on SAturday when we got up to start the long drive (I don't fly... so we drive everytime) and after stopping for the night...