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  1. SmexyPibble

    Shotgun and Doorknob - Kenai & Georgia, too! Got some pictures of Shotgun and Doorknob today! I haven't renamed her yet, I've just been calling her "Dog" and she responds MUCH better to it. I'm thinking about naming her Molly in memory of our RIP rescue Lab Molly since they look like twins. She...
  2. SmexyPibble

    Had a full bed last night!

    Well we've got four dogs in the house right now. Doorknob and Shotgun in addition to Georgia and Kenai. Doorknob is a Lab x Pit x Shepherd who was VERY beaten and abused. She is very scared of people. She is always cowering and crouching down and everytime someone calls her name she thinks she...
  3. SmexyPibble

    "I hope he gets hit by a car, then we can get a Badoogle!"

    Bobby (my brother) has a new girlfriend. For those of you who don't know, he has a MinPin he bought when he was 16. He gave the dog to me earlier this year, but took him back. Now he has a new girlfriend. I was at his house yesterday eating lunch and his girlfriend said, "I'm gonna put Leo...
  4. SmexyPibble

    Georgia & Kenai Camping!

    We went camping about 4 hours from home and the two mutts had a blast. There was a big field there just for the dogs that were camping at the site. Boxer faces. Black dog! Can you believe how much he's grown? Rawr. A BUNNY! A BUNNY! An eagle. Hai mom...
  5. SmexyPibble

    My Grandpa & his pit bull.

    Mindy the killer pitdog. Bear. He chased off their granddaughter's drunk, abusive step dad when he tried to grab ger. He literally took him down and stood above him growling in his face. Good dog. <3
  6. SmexyPibble

    I'm quitting.

    I just wanted to tell you guys I'm quitting smoking marijuana. I decided I can focus on better things, and I'll be able to commit to more dog handling if I'm not risking testing positive for marijuana and going to juvie - which would result in missing dog shows. Thank the dogs! ;) I just hope I...
  7. SmexyPibble

    Leo is here.

    He's been inside a house without going outside at all for two months. He hasn't been fed in a while, and has never seen rain. He was Bobby's dog. Please don't get me wrong; Bobby does love Leo - but he can't take care of him; he can't even take care of himself. Bobby doesn't even know where he's...
  8. SmexyPibble

    My show results from this weekend!

    My show results from the Seattle show this weekend! :) I loved it. I met Lorraine and Strider. I recognized Strider and ended up talking with her and she introduced me to a few Borzoi and Collie breeders. Lorraine, it was very nice to meet you and Strider! It was really great talking to you...
  9. SmexyPibble

    Cesar Millian's Abusive "Forcing the Lab on Treadmill" Incident?

    I know this is an old subject, but I'm just curious. From what I've observed of Cesar Millan he is always forcing dogs to do stuff. Surrender, walk, swim, go on a treadmill, whatever. And then all of the sudden there's an outbreak where he "forced a lab on a tread mill"? What was so different...
  10. SmexyPibble

    Artists, Creative People & Tattoo People! Please help!

    Hi! I'm Ashley, Breawna's sister. She told me there are some creative artists on here, and I need help! I'm 19; I got my second tattoo (the first was a small one on my neck) is down my side (rib-cage) as a tribute to my dad who died of a cocaine overdose. The tattoo is of an angel sitting...
  11. SmexyPibble

    Seattle Show This Weekend?

    Is anyone going to be attending the Seattle Dog Show this weekend? It's a big show, one of the biggest AKC shows in WA. I'll be showing Greyhounds and American Eskimos! I hope to see some of you there.
  12. SmexyPibble

    Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs need new home

    On Craigslist? Huh. Someone adopt them! The merle one is gorgeous. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs need new home
  13. SmexyPibble

    It's heartbreaking.

    I can't help myself. I always go to the McDonough County, IL Animal Shelter website just to check up on everything. I used to work there. It's so heartbreaking. The dogs have it so bad. I hate to see the three with NEED HOME NOW! below them. That means they'll be euthanized this Wednesday. And...
  14. SmexyPibble

    I gave into the betta rath.

    I decided I'd like to own bettas again. I saw Laurelin's thread, and gave in. ;) I went to a really nice pet store I like and picked him out, and I got to hold a Rainbow Boa while I was there. *dies* He was gorgeous. If it weren't for the fact I'd have to feed him rats I'd have one in a second...
  15. SmexyPibble

    The Girls & The Boys! *Meet Mario, Truman & Turbo*

    I babysat three male rats throughout the week - they went home yesterday. The siamese boy is Mario, he is neautered and Star loved him, but Happy Feet got very frustrated with him and didn't understand why he wouldn't breed with her. Turbo and Truman are the hoodeds. We ended up rushing Truman...
  16. SmexyPibble

    This is HILARIOUS. Baby conversation:

    So, my cousin Kierstyn was talking with her play group today. She is 4 years old, and her friends are around the same age. They were all sitting in a little circle having a discussion. One of the girls said, "My mom married a boy". They giggled. Another girl said, "My mom married a boy"...
  17. SmexyPibble

    I need a T-Mobile phone.

    Does anyone have a T-Mobile phone they don't need anymore? I really need one - with the battery, charger, and whatever else. I can pay you up to $50 in PayPal for one. ;) I was looking on Craigslist but they all look like crap, and I'd trust a Chazzer more than someone on Craigslist anyday. Thanks!
  18. SmexyPibble

    The Ocean! Kenai & Georgia (The best I've ever taken of them)

    We took the dogs to the ocean yesterday and they had a blast. Georgia went for a swim, but Kenai was scared of the water! There's about 30 pictures, Georgia and I. The clay. WATER! I haz stick.
  19. SmexyPibble

    Kenai & Georgia *25 pictures*

    We took the Boxers to PetsMart and to the local dog park the other day. They both had a lot of fun. Georgia turned 11 years old today; and Kenai turned 6 months old this month. Kenai found a friend; she was a Springer Spaniel puppy and they had a blast, which was surprising, since she was the...
  20. SmexyPibble

    Hair Full of Wax! "Indian Hemp" and HOW to get it out?!

    My sister bought a conditioner called "Indian Hemp" and although she was only supposed to use a nickel size amount - she used half the bottle. She has washed her hair 20 times since then - and her hair is still sticky, waxy, and clumped together. A girl who did this in the past ended up having...