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  1. colliekid

    See how fast you can do it type the alphabet.

    If you like that, you might want to try I got down to 0.266
  2. colliekid

    See how fast you can do it type the alphabet.

    7.531 on the third try- the first two were in the 8s eventually worked down to 6.172 after a minute or two.
  3. colliekid

    My neighbor's dog, Sadie

    I just found out today that my neighbor's dog died. She was one of two great Dalmation mixes that survied Hurricane Katrina. She somehow got poisoned. :( She was a really good dog, once she got over her shyness towards me.
  4. colliekid

    Anyone seen eight below?

    Just saw eight below today. That was an absolutely amazing movie. Anyone else seen it? How did you like it?
  5. colliekid

    eight below

    Is anyone here going to go see Eight Below? I saw the trailer last night and I really want to watch it now. Anyone else? P.S. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a google search for eight below
  6. colliekid

    Riot and Bandit for a walk *PICTURES*

    So cute... Do you breed Shelties?
  7. colliekid

    Dog stories

    I forgot about those... I love those... actually, when I went to Enlgand, I got to stay on a farm a lot like the ones described in his stories, and guess what the best part was? They had 8 dogs- 4 dogs, 4 puppies. :) ;) :) :D
  8. colliekid

    Dog stories

    What is your favorite dog story? I love The Call of the Wild and Lassie come home.
  9. colliekid

    dreaded posting this

    Please, keep us posted. I really hope you find Maverick.
  10. colliekid

    Most Annoying Site in the World

    Thanks for telling me, I finally got on.
  11. colliekid

    Favorite quotes!

    Never test the depth of the river with both feet The enemy invariably attacks on one of two occasions 1. When you're ready for them 2. When you're not
  12. colliekid

    What's your dog's weirdest quirk?

    My dog kind of purrs like a cat when you pet her.
  13. colliekid

    Any Sheltie Owners around?

    I have a giant sheltie Okay, okay, she's a collie, lol. But shelties are just as pretty.
  14. colliekid

    Boxer with a tail

    Thanks for posting that picture. They look lovely. (I was the one who asked her, by the way)
  15. colliekid

    what games

    I play fetch with a newspaper in the house
  16. colliekid

    Can dogs understand this concept?

    Wow... that's all I can say.
  17. colliekid

    Look at my new gun!

    Is this fully automatic? And where do you live?
  18. colliekid

    I got another dog!

  19. colliekid

    Digital Camera

    Optio MX- how much is this? My dad kind of wants to get me a Canon, I think.
  20. colliekid

    Digital Camera

    I want to get a digital camera. I would like it to be able to do video clips, be easy to use, and affordable (as in camera< $300 USD) What do you recommend?