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  1. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Long time!

    Wow, its been a long time since I been on. Studies have been keeping me from doing much of anything. I been back home for Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, how was everyones? :popcorn: How has everyone been? Just have been enjoying things, I have finished my semister and I am on christmas...
  2. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    The New "Man"

    Well the reason that I am ticked off is because, I met this guy before. He is nice but he isn't somebody I get along with. Mainly because his girlfriend, I called her a ***** 3 months ago because she was going around acting like one. We meet, she will know who I am and then all hello will break...
  3. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    The New "Man"

    Okay, so I got this new boyfriend. Now I won't lie I am enjoying it but I want to take things slow after just breaking up with the first one. Well, we made a big date planned for sunday night okay? He goes and invites his best friend and his girlfriend. I really mind it and I told him that and...
  4. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Have you ever been to the cinema alone?

    YAP I been to the movies alone xD! It was becuse nobody wanted to see the movie I wanted to see and I had to go it alone.
  5. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    At what age

    Haha! I feel like a loser now that im 23 and still have mine. ALL my awesome awesome friends lost theres in college XD but if imma to get preg. I want it to be with a good guy. So I be a good girl and wait!
  6. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Man farts at cop, charged with battery

    LMAO!!!! That was funny. Whats next, breathing gets you assulting an officer? Seriously!
  7. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Pretty awesome and interesting.

    Weird... Wonder what there accencts sound like. Omg southern accencts annoy the sh** outta me!
  8. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Another breed guessing game for ya.

    Ugghhh I don't see how you can see puggle in that. I see puggle and that breed isnt as pretty as that ladies dog! I am going to guess Border collie/ unknown. They have tests that you can get done to determine the breed.
  9. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    I got all my girlfriends rounded up and we had a party!! Freedom party!! It felt so good. I didnt even think about him once. We had a few beers and played the music. Things are back to normal today :popcorn:
  10. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Who's watching the Presidential address on the economy?

    I dont watch that boring crap. I was out having a good time with my girlfriends. We all got together and threw a party!! Hey I wanna see david blaine!!! Anyone who could do them stunts and live is amazing. I saw him on Oprah one day.
  11. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Think your teen can't pick up their room?

    Holy crap!!! How can someone smoke that many ciggies?!?
  12. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    Dada, I have no idea what is wrong with me! I went to the old cafe where we use to meet at lunch time and I see him there with another girl. I mean I shouldnt of went there but my body made me. Its like I guess I really needed to see that he was moved on and doing okay. There is still a lot of...
  13. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    You know what I hate?

    I know what you mean although my ex-boyfriend never lived with me. They didnt have the room at campus. Now I am sort of glad. Men love to annoy the Sh*t out of girls and then they act all cute with there "its a guy thing." Well guy thing is just an excuse and they can shove it too. I am no...
  14. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    I may have mentioned this before...... (female thing)

    Haha!! That is gross. I guess that is just mild to some of the stuff I've seen people eat! I seen people put pickels on there pizza. Gross! One thing I did find tasty was ketchup on mashed potatoes! Now that is yummm, love! Got to try that :D Have any of you watched that show on travel...
  15. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    Yeah and totally! I just needed a night alone to wallow to myself. Haha! How lame did that just sound? I am twenty three. Yeah, we need to get the Margaritas going around and singing the first dance song that plays on the radio!!!
  16. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Clay Aiken comes out of the closet

    I could care less about his gayness. If he wants to go romp around with another man his his bed go ahead, Lindsay Lohan does the same thing. I don't like his music never have. IMO he is pretty hacky looking. Thank goodness it was an ugly guy who is gay instead of a hot one. I don't know if I...
  17. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    I may have mentioned this before...... (female thing)

    I crave junk food. Well not really that I just get really hungry like I cannot get enough food in my system. I am lucky, I always know when my period is coming. It comes the same day each month. Which is the 1st of every month. Sometimes depending on how short the month is it will land on...
  18. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    Yeah, I am going through all the stages of getting over someone you loved! ****, it feels awful. First you are fine, then you cry some more then you get busy and your fine and then you cry some more. I haven't hit the anger stage yet because I am really the one to blame for staying with him, I...
  19. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    I tried lieing to myself I was over my ex-boyfriend of 2 years. So you know I hate country but my friend told me about this song "waiting on a woman" and its awful :yikes: its totally wrong and uncalled for! So as you know my ex loved to make me wait!! So I wrote a quick song and im sending if...