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    Free 30 Minute Audio Puppy Training Website

    Hello everyone... I have a website that has an amazing 30 minute audio interview with a master dog trainer. It has been a great tool for every new dog owner and it will teach you how to train your new puppy and prepare him for proper obedience. Please look at my signature for my puppy...
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    My puppy is fearless...

    Patience is the key here. If you can associate nipping, barking and any other bad behavior to something he doesnt like (putting in a crate or you ignoring him when he wants to play... It reinforces the behavior he has into something negative. Just make sure you give lavish praise when he does do...
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    Basic Commands

    You need to understand how a dog learns before you may teach it. Dogs learn using the "ARC" System A Association R Repetition C Consistency Dogs Associate you giving him a treat with sitting down. Every time you repeat this the same thing happnds and if your consistent with your...
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    Dollars and Sense of 'Pet Store' Puppies

    I went and bought my chocolate lab from a breeder he cost me 500$ less than at the pet store! And the funny thing is... she was the supplier of the petstores in our town. We got a great deal
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    Who are you buying your puppy from?

    I bought my chocolate lab from a seasoned breader and we are in love with him. You can usually see how your puppy turns out when you meet the breeder. We saw the lady and she was the nicest and kindest lady ever. Our pup is great he is 8 months old now...
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    Even more strange dog behavior.

    Also it might be the fact that you changed her food. Puppies stomach are very delicate to food changes. Good luck at the vet...
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    3 puppies and a cat

    I totally agree with doberluv, Three puppies will be a hand full especially from the same crate. You will need proper training and with a cat sometimes it gets harder due to the distractions.
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    can u recommend a puppy book

    You can go to my signature and get a free puppy training audio that will teach you everything you need to know about puppy training and puppies.
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    how big of a crate...

    Thats going to be one heck of a nice dog and 500$ isnt bad at all
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    Need serious advice

    When you have two mates from the same litter you must gradually start seperating them without them feeling to much anxiety. Do it gradually and make sure you don't seperate them for long periods of time in the begining. With time things should be great.
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    help me with a puppy checklist

    I am not a fan of puppy pads as well in my signature I on that site I show you my system to potty train and house break your puppy very quickly without using puppy pads.
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    15 month dog suddenly defecating in house

    Dogs feel very close to people and you seem like you might have an omega dog... They are tuffer to train as they are very attatched to things and intimidated by many things. This could be a sign that she misses her so you must be very comforting to the dog and keep a very close eye on him. Do...
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    how to stop door running

    As a professional dog trainer what I tell my clients is that you must put your dog on a leash before opening the door and teach him the wait command as well. If he is on the leash you control him. The leash is a great tool as you have total control of your dog while doing this exercise...
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    hannah keeps forgetting

    Your puppy might be getting bored. Try to add twists to your training and make things really fun for your puppy. Get different treats use tons of praise and it should work out fine.
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    Rebellious puppy...

    This is usually just a phase. When a puppy goes through this phase its like a teenager being rebelious. They seem to want to find themselves and test you out to see what your buttons are. Be firm but dont scoil the puppy. Patience is the key they will come around...
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    socializing a puppy in winter

    Oh Barb thats a great tip my puppy chocolate lab LOVES meeting friends at the Petsmart... As well in puppy school he has many new friends. What I like to do is make friends with the owners of the dogs my dog gets along and we have puppy play dates!
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    I'm not a chew toy....

    I also believe that if your puppy nibbles on your finger and you tell him NO while holding his mouth then you want to stop paying any attention to your puppy. If you do so he will associate nibbling on your fingers with you not giving him any attention anymore and puppy will probably hate that!
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    help me with a puppy checklist

    Hello there! I bet you can't wait to get your new puppy! I think to start off your checklist you will need: Some Kind Of Bedding to make him feel very comfortable You will also need some drinking bowls and puppy food Toys And Chew devices to make sure he has something fun to play...