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  1. colliekid

    My neighbor's dog, Sadie

    I just found out today that my neighbor's dog died. She was one of two great Dalmation mixes that survied Hurricane Katrina. She somehow got poisoned. :( She was a really good dog, once she got over her shyness towards me.
  2. colliekid

    Anyone seen eight below?

    Just saw eight below today. That was an absolutely amazing movie. Anyone else seen it? How did you like it?
  3. colliekid

    eight below

    Is anyone here going to go see Eight Below? I saw the trailer last night and I really want to watch it now. Anyone else? P.S. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a google search for eight below
  4. colliekid

    Dog stories

    What is your favorite dog story? I love The Call of the Wild and Lassie come home.
  5. colliekid

    Digital Camera

    I want to get a digital camera. I would like it to be able to do video clips, be easy to use, and affordable (as in camera< $300 USD) What do you recommend?
  6. colliekid

    allergic to cats

    How can I deal with allergies to cats? If I can't get a dog when I move into an apartment, I'd rather get a cat than have no furry friend at all. The problem is that I'm allergic to cats. My eyes get itchy and I sneez. I read that with proper air control or whatever, you can live with a cat...
  7. colliekid

    No bark breed

    When I start living in an apartment, I plan to own a dog (this will be a while as in 4 years+) what dog breed rarely barks? I heard siberian huskies don't bark a lot, what else?
  8. colliekid

    Answer the questions part II

    Just to keep you guys from getting tired in one sitting, I've broken the questions up into 2 parts. Some of these, you may have answered in the other thread. 1. What is you dog(s) name? 2. What breed? 3. How do you excercise with it? 4. What do you do to keep its teeth clean? 5. How did...
  9. colliekid

    Answer the questions

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask a few questions 1. How big is your dog (pounds) 2. What type of dog food do you feed it? (brand, state what it's for Ex: for puppies) 3. How old is your dog? 4. What kind of dog biscuits do you feed it? 5. What kind of dog bones/ pacifiers/ chew toys do...
  10. colliekid

    Thank you Chazhound! (this includes you)

    Well, I would like to thank everyone on this forum, who has made my dog's life better. When I came to this forum, I was bored of my dog, and my family wasn't doing anymore for her than I was. This forum has rekindled the fire for dogs. My dog gets a walk everyday, and I've been taking much...
  11. colliekid


    When the word Lassie is used, most people think of the color like my avatar. But guess what I found out last night while reading Lassie Come Home (1940)? Lassie was a tricolor :eek: Just random info. Nobody's going to reply to this thread, but I just had to share.
  12. colliekid

    Your own breed

    Have you ever fantasized about creating your own breed? If you have, what was it? If you want to or have ever thought about it, what would it be? I think an Australian Collie would be cool- Australian Shepherd and Collie X
  13. colliekid

    Website for Police K-9 KIA (including Arco) This website has human and K-9 officers killed in the line of duty.
  14. colliekid


    My neighbor has a golden retriever. I was up there today and she lives in a fenced in area (concrete) about 50 feet by 15 feet. They are very nice to the dog, they love her. The only thing is that the dog urinates, and poops there. It smells pretty bad, but the dog lives in that area (which is...
  15. colliekid

    Bloody gums??

    I have a problem with my collie... every time I brush her teeth, if I just gently touch her gums with the toothbrush, they start to bleed. I think she has very sensitive gums. What should I do? P.S. She bleeds when she chews on bones. And she's 8. Thanks in advance.
  16. colliekid

    Hand signals

    Do you teach your dog hand signals? I kind of taught my dog to sit and down and stay and up. She doesn't remember then sometimes
  17. colliekid

    Another dog!

    I'm so excited! We might get another collie in February. We're getting a new fence built and my mom says she wants to get another female collie puppy. She wants to name it Kitty. My family's the type that only wants one dog at a time, so this is really going to be different.
  18. colliekid

    Neighbor's dog

    Okay, I'm not sure if this should be in health, but I'll put it here. I'm taking care of my neighbors dog, a yellow lab, female, about 3-4 years old. she loves to play fetch so I hit the ball for her. but for some reason, after playing for about 10 minutes, she'll start limping. Yesterday, she...
  19. colliekid

    My dog might be sick

    We did a blood test, and it turns out she has too much fat in her bloodstream. We're waiting to hear back. I'm afraid it could be something serious. She also has a slow heart beat... 72
  20. colliekid

    Pitbulls- very sad

    I do not own a pitbull, but I like them. Here's something you might be interested in. I also think banning pitbulls is ridiculous. Good luck to you responsible pitbull owners.