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  1. Greenmagick

    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    If you guys do a dinner somewhere friday night or something I could make that Or is anyone headed back towards arkansas on sunday?
  2. Greenmagick

    Fall Chaz Meetup in St Louis, MO

    **** it....may end up missing this. I might be doing a transport on Saturday to Arkansas and then we are leaving for vacation on Sunday.
  3. Greenmagick

    Escape-proof gear for weasely weaseldogs

    It wouldnt be on her belly but on her chest just under her legs..... I am personally much more comfortable with pressure there then around their neck My houdini dog the leash wrap was the only thing I felt safe with. She had a really furry neck and multiple prongs she popped (properly...
  4. Greenmagick

    Escape-proof gear for weasely weaseldogs

    Not sure how she could slip out of a leash wrap? It would tighten as they pull making getting it over and under their front legs really hard...even short legs
  5. Greenmagick

    Menstrual cups

    I was just coming on to say bear down a bit and push while twisting to help it pop open:). And yes, if it's being stubborn pull out, make sure holes are clean, and try again. I use a diva (been 9 years I think now?) but should work on any similar style.
  6. Greenmagick

    Wedding songs- I need your guy's opinion

    I've been a chili peppers fan for a looong time now lol, so my vote goes that way
  7. Greenmagick

    Kittens and ducklings :)

    lol! Should post updated pics of the kittens. THey are super cute. Ready for new homes now....just have to find them!! Ducklings :( Raccoon sneaked in and got all but one :(
  8. Greenmagick

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    mom of picky kid here...the above is PLENTY of kid friendly foods.
  9. Greenmagick


    Does this link work? I am really behind in my gardens this year. Between the foster kittens, getting my soap business going, events, etc I just havent had nor made the time. Veggies are...
  10. Greenmagick

    Prong collars

    I used to use them.....wont again. It did definitely up the reactivity in my husky/golden/whatever mix. I do know how to correctly use them and DID correctly use them under advice from well known and respected trainers...still wish I hadnt. I dont think people who use them are awful or...
  11. Greenmagick

    The Good News thread

    Tomorrow I am dropping off a box of products to a local chiropractic office. This is my first physical location that my products will be carried! Of course, being me I procrastinated and am finishing up the salts and scrubs now......
  12. Greenmagick

    The Venting Thread

    This is one of my current foster kittens....the one I dont want to leave.
  13. Greenmagick

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    Its amazing to see how the babywearing options just continue to grow. So cool. I did back carries with my son from newborn up with mei tais. So helpful for longer naps when they are real little and then for keeping them entertained and out of the way when they are older lol
  14. Greenmagick

    Kittens and ducklings :)

    So my duck has been sitting on a clutch of eggs and they hatched yesterday...soooo cute. And then, last week my mom found a small kitten in her shed. A couple days later she found the other three up in the rafters. They are about 4 weeks old and the mama is a feral (but fairly...
  15. Greenmagick

    Puppy Raw Feeding Frequency

    I actually switched to 2 a day with my lab mix, shepherd mix, and husky mix.
  16. Greenmagick

    Puppy Raw Feeding Frequency

    I actually continue to do 2 meals forever. I used to do one with adults but splitting that in two seemed to work better for them
  17. Greenmagick

    Chaz Moms and Moms-to-Be Chat (everyone welcome)

    For me, stating at home has never been boring nor particularly hard. Sure some individual days sucked but I really really hated working so almost anything was better. I also don't care about a perfect house or worry about getting enough done. Even now there are plenty of nights where it's...
  18. Greenmagick

    Facebook Blocking?

    You can "hide" her feed and also make it so that your posts dont show for her unless you specify them to. But that doesnt solve the PM problem.... I have a BIL that I block from a lot of my posts as he always has to turn it into a thing...even after DH asked him, very nicely, to stop.
  19. Greenmagick


    I should add, I do support our military, just in different ways than is commonly recognized. I am a strong proponent of better mental healthcare across the board in this country. I think the sacrifice military men and women make should be recognized fully, including the issues that come with...
  20. Greenmagick

    Wedding etiquette question

    +1 means you can bring a date...there is no one named so its your choice If the named person can't come and you are traveling etc, personally I dont see any harm in politely asking if they would mind a switch....its not costing them anymore depending on who you bring.