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  1. TheGatorGal

    Beach day!

    My friend runs a travel magazine and website. I help her with filming and writing on occasion. Yesterday she asked if I would help her film a short episode (webisode) about a great park in St. Petersburg. She asked that I bring Cooper along since she wanted to showcase how dog friendly this...
  2. TheGatorGal

    Free shaping/clicker training

    I read the Clicker Training 101 sticky, and got some good tips from it, but I'm looking for a little bit more in depth info. I would like to learn more about shaping behaviors. Cooper is the first dog I've had that I think would really respond well to shaping with the clicker. I...
  3. TheGatorGal

    Guesses on Cooper?

    Since I'm new here, I thought I'd start here :) I know what momma was, but have no clue who daddy was. I always love hearing what people think he is mixed with. Cooper is around 32 pounds of lean muscle, very focused and whip smart. He just turned a year old. His sister was adopted by my...
  4. TheGatorGal

    New from Florida

    Hey, All! I've been looking for a dog forum to join and this looks like a cool place, so here I am! I am in Florida, work at a huge privately run animal sanctuary. I am in charge of the horse and cattle departments. I have an awesome poodle/pitt? mix named Cooper who turned 1 in...