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  1. kady05

    Wilson & Piper testing out the new Ella's Lead vegan collar!

    Holy old thread resurrection LOL. I have since deleted my SmugMug account, hence the broken images. But FWIW, I still have this collar and it looks great. Love Ella's Lead :)
  2. kady05

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    If the stars align, I should have my next Amstaff pup in July :D
  3. kady05

    Those with multiple dogs...

    YR4AE20hBxo That'll probably answer your question LOL. This is typical at my house. All 3 of them initiate play throughout the day with each other.
  4. kady05

    Good dog food that is affordable

    Victor is one I always recommend, especially if people are on a budget. It's a great food despite being around $1/lb most places. You can check their website to see if someone sells it near you, or just started carrying it as well.
  5. kady05


    Oh you posted on the FB group... I'm thinking spaying and neutering of every animal in your house needs to be done soon. I'd have all of those pups altered before going to their new homes.
  6. kady05

    What are you currently feeding?

    Boys have been on Orijen since July. They were on Victor HPP for about a year before that and did pretty well. Barrett absorbs the Orijen way better, he eats much less of it than he did on Victor. Piper is getting Go! Sensitivity and Shine LI Salmon right now and is doing amazing on it. It...
  7. kady05

    WWYD regarding vet care decision

    Banfield's are hit and miss. I know a handful of good vets that work at them, but on the other hand I know of many that I'd never consider taking my pets to see. If you get a discount I don't see the harm in seeing if you like any of the vets that are working at your Banfield and going that...
  8. kady05

    WWYD regarding vet care decision

    Since it hasn't been asked yet, do you have any low cost clinics in your area? Maybe I'm just lucky, but I have access to a few low cost clinics and they are awesome. We have 2 places that are income based for dentals (basically they offer services to everyone but for dentals you have to make...
  9. kady05

    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    Holy cow I never knew pizza could be so expensive! We get 1 medium 2 topping + wings from Domino's for less than $20 delivered LOL. If we want to go to a nicer pizza place, it's around $12-15 for a large, and that feeds us for days.
  10. kady05

    How much do you spend on dinners out?

    I don't drink, so I always get water, but we can typically go out to eat and leave with a $35-40 bill, including tip. We just went out last night to Yardhouse (big brewery type place with really good food) and spent $80 (with tip). That was for 2 entrees, my husband had a "yard" of beer (=...
  11. kady05


    What?? I'm so sorry! I'm not super active on here anymore but I know how much you loved her :(
  12. kady05

    Keeping weight on with a fish based diet?

    Completely depends on the brand of kibble. Ex. TOTW Pacific Steam is only 360 cal/cup (25% protein, 15% fat). Yet Orijen 6 Fish is 478 cal/cup (38% protein, 18% fat). So, huge difference there. Nutrisource Seafood Select is 451 cal/cup and the same protein & fat content as TOTW PS. When...
  13. kady05

    Stacked Dogs

    I'll play :) Sako Breed: Amstaff Age: 4 1/2yrs. Sex: Male (Neutered at 2 1/2yrs.) Weight: 53lbs. Height: 19" (maybe 19.5") Barrett Breed: Amstaff Age: 23 months (2yrs. on Aug. 8th) Sex: Male (Intact) Weight: 57lbs. Height: 19.5" I really need to take new pictures...
  14. kady05

    The Truth About Pit Bulls.

    Physically affectionate for sure, these guys definitely aren't aloof or standoffish (and if they are, that is not correct for the breed) by any means. Mine routinely will all try to fit into my 1/2 bath while I go pee LOL. So correct, if you're not into dogs who *want* to be with you then you...
  15. kady05

    The Truth About Pit Bulls.

    Eh, that's just being rude. I have 3 in my house and none of them do anything like that because they know that doesn't fly here. I'm with Torch on the mislabeling. I hate seeing labeled as a "Pit Bull". They aren't. And the more people continue to use the term to label...
  16. kady05

    Have you been turned down by rescues?

    Have never adopted, but as I said on the other thread, I've been turned down to foster. I had fostered 2 pups for said rescue before, but when they found out I got Sako from a breeder they cut off all contact with me and wouldn't allow me to foster anymore. They've done the same to a couple...
  17. kady05


    If the majority of rescue people changed their attitude toward others, it wouldn't be such a problem. Mention getting a dog from a breeder around most rescuers and you'll get scowled at, talked down to, etc., and that's being tame. Hell, even their attitude toward potential adopters or...
  18. kady05


    This. So much this. If someone wants "just" a pet dog, who is to say that them going to a reputable breeder isn't a good thing? Why does someone have to have specific needs for a dog in order for it to be "okay" for them to go to a breeder vs. adopting a dog? Many people aren't comfortable...
  19. kady05

    Bald Spot/Thin Hair

    Yeah I've heard of stud tail before, and know that females can get at well (despite the name). But I've never seen it on a dogs head before so.. who knows LOL.
  20. kady05

    Bald Spot/Thin Hair

    How weird, Piper has missing/thin hair on the top of her head in the exact same spot. Nothing irritated or anything around hers. I've always chalked it up to either allergies or possibly a demodex flare up since she did have that as a pup. If it would get worse, I'd take her in to the vet, but...