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    "Working Kelpie"

    Uhh, why is there something called a "Working Kelpie" in the AKC FSS?
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    Sighthound videos

    Has anyone seen a video of a sighthound running against a "normal" dog? Its not normal in coursing events, and it looks like they don't get up to top speed at most dog parks.
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    Illinois BSL

    Uhhhh whats going on over there? I've read the state prempted it, banning BSL. But certain towns still have it on the books, and are still printing their requirements: Is this some dumb home rule thing? I never...
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    Whos dogs have fought

    A bit of a poll after an offline debate. Do you have multiple dogs that have, or have not fought over something? I think most people I've talked to have had some sort of incident at least. Mine have, over food/objects, though not recently. Apparently being 8 and 9 does settle them a bit...
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    Guide Dog Raising

    Anyone do it? I was looking in to it, but I'm not really impressed with the local (semi-national but local office) groups manual. Tons of physical corrections. I can't even say I'm hard core non- correction, but.... And...
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    My dog turned into a barn owl

    [/url] IMGP7434 IMGP7411 IMGP7412 IMGP7413 IMGP7417 IMGP7420
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    Toller vs Water Spaniel

    Anyone meet both? By the book an AWS is perfect for me, but I've only seen one working, and it wasn't that good. Could have been the dog, or the day or whatever, but there aren't even a lot of youtube about them. Tollers are about the same size. A bit more herder like, and I have sworn...
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    DSLR upgrades

    Well, how often do you upgrade? I got my Pentax K200d (an 08 model) in 2012 when I dropped my K100d in the ocean. It had 2000 shots when I bought it, and is now up to 7000. The K100d was new and died at 11000 shots and 5 years old.
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    In the spirit of the Aurora watches, here is a comet watch. There is a naked eye visible comet near Orion. You'd need a fairly dark sky to see it without binoculars or a telescope. Unless you have a tracking telescope, its awfully hard to find a moving comet in an untracked eyepiece. The...
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    Fish ideas and major reorganization

    I now have three empty tanks, which is, of course, unacceptable. I'm keeping most of them in one room to conserve heat. 120g (48x24x24) empty 75g (48x18x20) empty 20g long (30x12x12) Cories/Swordtails 20g long (30x12x12) Raphaels/Betta Then to waste heat, I have an empty 29g...
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    Worst Shedder?

    What? I like fluffy dogs. So what do you think the worst shedder is? For their size: Poms. GSDs are really surprising for their normal coat length, but by volume a husky is probably a bit worse. Malamutes maybe, but there are bigger dogs, Newf? Other votes? (and yes, the short...
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    Used car game

    Lets play a game. Say you want a new car (well, a used one, 5k). Best car for covering highway miles. Everything in Oregon is 100+ miles away, and if it isn't I can bike there. Some interstates, some winding 2 lanes. TDI Golf? Space, mpg, decent interior. Mustang GTs seem good for...
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    Good/Bad? Compared to Oregon, I like the weather better. No Oceans or Mountains but you have Superior and BWCA not that far away. Prices are better. Lots seem small though. Seems a bit over regulated maybe? Dog park licenses? Regular dog licenses are a small fortune. You need 80% of...
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    So... If you had $200-$300 or so would you go for used, or Walmart? CL has several in that price range, but they seem to all date back to 1980. You can get a 10 mph/ 10 degree power incline from Walmart for that price. How does a 10 year old treadmill compare to cheaper but new ones?
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    I think more chicken breeds need to come in versions where roosters are a different color. (wild type... autosexing (can I have a Rhodebar please?) sex-links).
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    Lets see if this works. BOTH my RIR have rather large combs. They better not be roosters, not both of them at least. Orp with runt RIR. Need to weed my failed garden patch. Too shady for the corn and squash. I need to plant my summer greens there. Welsummer
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    Chicken Project Week 1

    Took these over the weekend. Welsummer has learned to roost. Returned to the box. The box now features a wire top. Most of the chicks. 3 week old Welsummer, 2 week old RIR and Orps, and a 1 week old RIR. These are supposed to look like the Welsummers do in a week?
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    Chicken Breeds

    I am thinking about chickens, but I don't think I want to do the one of each kind thing. I have a spot where I can do a 4x8ft run and put a raised 4x4 hen house in or above it for 3-4 chickens. Shaded in the summer but it gets some sun in the winter. Urban/ Suburban boundary so the main...
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    There are some threads, but really this needs to be done. Compare and contrast please. Are the breeds more like Labs and Goldens where they're pretty interchangable as far as different breeds go, or more like Goldens and Chessies where they are very different? Why so many variations for...
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    So this looks like a seizure?

    Still having some occasional Buster problems. This time it was daylight, so I got video. Vet originally thought it might be related to poop and anal glands, but I think that was wrong. This happened without any of the usual preceding poop or vomit episode. First video is about 2 minutes of...