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  1. PerformanceDog

    Dog-Related Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

    Am I the only one thinking about this?? Post any sites that you know the Black Friday/cyber Monday sales for! I know Paco Collars will either be 21, 25, or 30% off depending on the number of Facebook likes they have. Ruffwear mentioned free shipping for cyber Monday.. I hope that's...
  2. PerformanceDog

    Smooth Border Collies.. finding a breeder in the Midwest

    Hello, I have the puppy want really bad right now, and with my career change to be a dog trainer, I want a sport dog now. I still plan on getting a koolie, whenever that time comes. But for now, I think I will start with a smooth coated border collie. I am starting to do research on...
  3. PerformanceDog

    What perks/benefits are out there for those who are professional dog trainers?

    I wouldn't have known about the Ruffwear Pro account except for last years black friday thread. Now that I am working as a dog trainer I applied and got approved today and am so happy with the discounts.. I am not sure if I want to wait for black friday to make a purchase! Are there any...
  4. PerformanceDog

    What are your favorite tug toys?

    What are your favorite tug toys and who makes them (or link)? ..and go!
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    Cheapest cost to get the CH in your sport?

    I have never earned a CH on my dogs, and I am not sure I ever will depending on cost. I know to get a trick dog championship you have to spend probably about $400. But I think I spent that much just getting Angels novice agility titles (can't exactly remember it's been a long time and my...
  6. PerformanceDog

    Weight Pull.. tell me about it!

    I love seeing dogs that have a ton of muscle! Most of those dogs I have seen and have asked what they do with their dog have said weight pull. It sounds like a great conditioning sport to build muscle. Quick questions I had: 1. What muscles does it build? 2. Is it a dangerous sport? I...
  7. PerformanceDog

    Just out of curiousity/for fun, pick a breed for me!

    My ideal dog would be: -around 25-35 pounds -around 18-22.. (maybe 24) inches tall preferably -light build/frame- and good structure for working high impact sports (would like to do agility and disc, possibly dock dividing, IPO, therapy dog, obedience) -wash and wear coat- single coated...
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    I got the job!!!

    Ok, taking advice and making my own thread.. So this is just copy/pasted from the good news thread.. Just found out I got the job!!! I'm gonna be a dog trainer! So beyond excited, as this will be the first time I will be paid to teach people how to train their dogs! And now I'm a...
  9. PerformanceDog

    Chloe's 5th Birthday Pics

    A little late at posting these here, they have already been posted on my fb page, so some of you may have seen them already, but I think they are super adorable. So Chloe's 5th Birthday was May 8th, turns out Nugget's (the yorkie) birthday was 2 days later- she turned 2! Angel's Birthday is...
  10. PerformanceDog

    Do fans actually cool.. And other favorite cooling items

    I know fans cool people down because we sweat, but since dogs don't sweat like us, is using a fan actually effective in cooling dogs down? What is your favorite cooling gear (vests, mats, fans, etc)? Any cooling gear you don't like? I've tried the Ruffwear swamp cooler vest and I...
  11. PerformanceDog

    Those that bring their dogs to restaurant patios.. What do you bring?

    I brought Chloe out to a burger jones patio this Saturday for the first time! She did great! There were kids (which she is still not very fond of) that were looking at her, or one was making barking noises and such and she ignored them! She mostly stayed lying down while the waitress would walk...
  12. PerformanceDog

    Favorite dog bed/mat for training and travel

    Hello, this may be a weird question, but I have decided I don't have enough beds for my dogs, well I have enough beds, but I don't have any mats. And so I need one. I am looking for something that is: Durable, yet preferably cute or stylish. Completely washable. Easily portable...
  13. PerformanceDog

    Favorite online stores for dog stuff!

    I couldn't find this while searching.. But I'm sure I had seen a thread like this, so sorry! But what are your favorite online sites to buy things for you dog? It would be helpful to label what each site is good for such as: Everything and anything: Amazon Collars: Paco...
  14. PerformanceDog

    Flat Coated Retriever Breeders

    Hello! As you know, I am planning to get a koolie in the future! However, if I am unable to find one I want right away, I will wait to find "the one". My SO will be getting an FCR puppy. He will probably follow his dad and get one from Wyndham Retrievers when his dad does. But I still...
  15. PerformanceDog

    Chloe's Attempt at Disc

    She gets the tricks pretty easily (leg weaves, rebounds, foot stalls) but going after the disc has been something that has been harder for her to get. She doesn't like chasing after it too much, she likes it thrown right to her. But she does seem to be getting a little more drive for the disc...
  16. PerformanceDog

    To add canned/wet or to just add water.. is it worth it?

    I would like to get more moisture in Angel as a preventative measure, but would also do it for Chloe as well, since it is good for them anyway. I recently bought a bunch of canned foods, some I had BOGO coupons on, and then I bought a case of the Merrick 96% meat ones. The dogs LOVE the...
  17. PerformanceDog

    My attempt getting photos of the dogs running

    Not sure why I didn't take out my nice camera in order to get better photos.. so these are still crappy cell phone photos.
  18. PerformanceDog

    Chloe finds and eats mole = Sign up for Barn Hunt Test and work on drop/leave it

    Well, Chloe found and ate, what I believe to be, a dead mole in a field. While shouting to drop/leave it and then running up to her (as that was not working) to try and take it away, she swallowed it whole. I realized I had not ever worked on drop and leave it since I have had her. So my...
  19. PerformanceDog

    Videos of my dogs

    Warning, these are all crappy cell phone videos.. Wipe your feet: Bang!, High Five, Rollover (video from long ago): Angel shutting the door on Chloe:
  20. PerformanceDog

    Chloe's first hikes