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  1. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Long time!

    Wow, its been a long time since I been on. Studies have been keeping me from doing much of anything. I been back home for Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, how was everyones? :popcorn: How has everyone been? Just have been enjoying things, I have finished my semister and I am on christmas...
  2. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    The New "Man"

    Okay, so I got this new boyfriend. Now I won't lie I am enjoying it but I want to take things slow after just breaking up with the first one. Well, we made a big date planned for sunday night okay? He goes and invites his best friend and his girlfriend. I really mind it and I told him that and...
  3. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    Okay, maybe I lied

    I tried lieing to myself I was over my ex-boyfriend of 2 years. So you know I hate country but my friend told me about this song "waiting on a woman" and its awful :yikes: its totally wrong and uncalled for! So as you know my ex loved to make me wait!! So I wrote a quick song and im sending if...
  4. Callme_crazy4yourLove


    Okay so I like have to get this off of my chest! I work at Hollister and I was really preppy that day because we were going to a movie and a fancy restraunt. So I am singing at work and being all happy and the whole time I was at like work my cell phone never buzzed a text message from my...
  5. Callme_crazy4yourLove


    Does anyone on here dance? I hip-hop dance. They have classes across from the campus. Are there any songs that you are working on dancing too? I am actually teaching a group of my friends to dance to this song:
  6. Callme_crazy4yourLove

    New here!

    Hello everyone! I am new here to chazhounds and I own a purebred boxer! I live in New York while I am going to college. I am studying to be a fashion designer. I am currently single (just broke up with my long time boyfriend last night) and I plan on moving out to Los Angeles by next fall. I...