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  1. Bruschnazzy

    The Tree Climbers

    The boys.....especially Little Foot....have found their new activity they love. :p
  2. Bruschnazzy

    Happy Birthday, Chomper.

    He's survived his first year of life. :p Chomper & the other males in his litter; also were 3 females. Picking up my puppy - eeeee: First night & day: My grown boy now: He's been such an awesome dog to walk into my life, and can't wait for the life to come...
  3. Bruschnazzy

    Recent hike with Little Foot & Chomper.

    Some are out of focus, but still liked them. First time trying my new lens, and with all the new zoom I have, have to get used to things. :rofl1: Little Foot has been Sir Log Walker - if there's a log to walk on, he most likely is doing so. Chomper going after big sticks makes his...
  4. Bruschnazzy

    Wander with Chomper

    We actually had a nice day, that could almost be considered kind of warm. :p The end. :)
  5. Bruschnazzy

    Oli, featuring Chomper!

    Haven't had the chance to make a thread as I've been laptopless and then internetless. Oli is settling in well, these past couple days he's came out of his shell a lot more. He's quite a whiny baby when he wants to be. Chomper is enjoying having a playmate, but just isn't too keen on sharing...
  6. Bruschnazzy

    Looking for help with a possible transport! (Chicago and on....)

    If you may have saw, I'm interested in adopting one of the puppies AmberH is fostering! ( They are in Indiana, and I am up in Wisconsin in Superior / Twin Ports, so, am hoping I could get a transport arranged for as close as possible. :)...
  7. Bruschnazzy

    Autumn with Chomper

    We've been doing a lot of walking and hiking, so on some of those we need to take pictures!
  8. Bruschnazzy

    Cabin Chomper

    Brought Chomper out to our cabin for the first time and he had a great time!
  9. Bruschnazzy

    Chomper has grown.....

    As I'm sure you've all noticed with how good I've been doing posting lots of pictures of him....from his first week here....a few weeks ago.
  10. Bruschnazzy

    Guinea Pigs!

    I thought I'd start a thread to post some of my Guinea Pig related pictures in! I am a veeeeery small hobby breeder, you could say. I've only had three litters (Litter of 3, litter of 1 - both sold about a year ago, and another litter of 1 born a couple days ago), and from now any bred will be...
  11. Bruschnazzy

    Pinterest, anyone?

    I've had it for a while, but just this past week have gotten very much into the craze, and have spent a lot of my free time on there! So, need some more to follow! :popcorn:
  12. Bruschnazzy

    If you are naughty and steal items you can wear, they will be worn.

    Or maybe he just felt he needed to copy and try out the bowties too? (He could have at least not picked a Winter one since it's finally gone!!) :p This one came out blurry, but it shows his eye color okay right now. I shall be doing some picture taking tomorrow so hope to get a more clear...
  13. Bruschnazzy

    The puppy newbie!

    Attempted to get some nice pictures outside of him today! He was far too occupied with either running towards me or tearing up and chewing on grass, but I got a couple! He's still nameless....I just haven't found a name that fits!! Once he has a name I'll probably make...