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  1. Paviche

    Question for vet techs/assistants/etc

    I interviewed at two different clinics as a vet assistant. I've got a working interview at one tomorrow that I'm pretty confident about, and the other one said that they'd be in touch soon. At this point I'm not sure which I would prefer to work at. This is my first foray into the veterinary...
  2. Paviche

    Firenze's Very Own Thread

    He is still living primarily with his awesome breeder while I get my housing situation figured out - long story, the short version is that I'm overdoggged where I am currently (per the lease) so he can't be here permanently yet. We're either buying the place or buying a different place very...
  3. Paviche

    Rowan and Riff visit the mountains

    I swear I take just as many pics of Riff as I do Rowan, but unlike Rowan, Riff never stops moving, so they all come out blurry :( Checking out something really neat, apparently. DSC_0034 by flintbek, on Flickr Zoom! DSC_0074 by flintbek, on Flickr Sweet boy. DSC_0089 by...
  4. Paviche

    I need naming help.

    DSC_0487 by flintbek, on Flickr DSC_0471 by flintbek, on Flickr DSC_0466 by flintbek, on Flickr This little dude needs a name. He's a 13 week old Silken Windhound. I have several names that I like and I just can't decide on one for him. I'm currently calling him Dipper but I'm not...
  5. Paviche

    Rowan and Riff just doing their R-Dog things.

    I got a DSLR and I still have to learn how to use it, but I'm excited to have nice pictures of my boys :) DSC_0057 by flintbek, on Flickr Rowan's "you keep saying 'cookie' but there is no cookie" face. DSC_0040 by flintbek, on Flickr Riff's "you keep saying 'cookie' and I'm sure you...
  6. Paviche

    Salmon Oil and Vitamin E?

    My guys each get 2 pumps of Grizzly Salmon Oil per day (the recommended amount for their weight.) Should I be adding vitamin E to their food as well, since it's a fish oil? I've been reading mixed things. What do you guys do? Rowan is eating Acana Pacifica and Riff is getting Innova...
  7. Paviche

    Difference between antler types?

    Rowan had an antler that stayed in almost perfect shape for over a year. Riff chewed on it after I got him and wore it down a little bit but it was still holding up. Then it got lost. We tried a new one, and I kid you not, Riff demolished it in about half an hour. He chewed it down to a...
  8. Paviche

    Yet another "what breed?" thread

    I feel like I post one of these threads every few months. I'm pretty sure I know what my next dog will be, but I like getting ideas on here in case I've overlooked any breeds! I want NextDog to be 25-65 lbs, preferably in the 30-50 range. I strongly prefer soft, silky coats, feathery but...
  9. Paviche

    Vibes for Rowan?

    He's going in tomorrow for a dental, and while he's under they're going to remove anywhere from 1-4 lumps, depending on what we decide in the morning. 2 of the lumps have been tested and are benign, and the other two just appeared. I'm so nervous, unreasonably nervous, because he's never...
  10. Paviche

    Does your area have a lot of dog events?

    Conformation shows, agility/rally/obedience trials, lure coursing, IPO, etc etc. It'll be a while until I move, if I ever do (I love CO) but when/if I do, I definitely want to be somewhere that has a decent amount of dog stuff going on. The Denver area is okay for it... there's only one...
  11. Paviche

    It's Rowan Day!

    My best boy, my shadow, my constant companion, is 8 today. It's hard to believe! I always mean to write a big, long post about just how special he is, but honestly? There are no words adequate to describe him and how important he is to me. So I'll just leave it at this: he is absolutely one...
  12. Paviche

    Question about chicken intolerance/allergy

    When I first got Rowan, his foster mom told me that he had stopped eating the Canidae she was feeding and he was put on some sort of sensitive Iams or... something. I switched him off immediately when I got him so I don't remember. Those first couple years we didn't have any food issues. I...
  13. Paviche

    Meet Linus!

    My coworker pulled a little dog (Chihuahua mix?) from a shelter with the intent of fostering him. He has a moderate heart murmur, and her (much larger) dog was picking on him, so he needed a new place to stay. I offered to provide a temporary home so that he has a roof over his head. My mom...
  14. Paviche

    Dog park day!

    This picture pretty much sums up Riff. He brings the ball most of the way back then drops it as he keeps running. Every time. Awkward perch! Riff lives his life in a constant state of WHEEEE. (more)
  15. Paviche

    What is Milo?

    I'm curious what you guys think, because he has me stumped. He was listed as a labradoodle with whatever rescue/shelter he came from, but I don't see it. He's a small guy, I would estimate 35-40 lbs. His coat isn't super soft but it's not wiry either. He's very active, enthusiastic and...
  16. Paviche

    What horror movies do you consider classic?

    I'm curious. I'm having a discussion about it with my boyfriend and we agree on some, but disagree on some others. I won't post which ones off the bat so I don't color anyone's response! What do you think?
  17. Paviche

    What's your desktop background?

    I love seeing different backgrounds :) I've got a folder full of pretty ones to use eventually, but I always end up with one that makes me laugh. I've been stuck on this one for a while:
  18. Paviche

    Supplements for a bad knee?

    Is glucosamine/chondroitin the way to go? My right knee was injured twice and it's permanently kind of messed up, so in addition to losing weight and exercising more, I'd like to do what I can to help take care of it.
  19. Paviche

    Can I give the boys cat treats?

    Here are the ingredients: I wouldn't feed cat food obviously, they have different nutritional requirements, but would it matter for treats? The ingredients look like something I would give them anyway, plus they're small since they're for cats, so they might be good for training. I like to...