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  1. Greenmagick

    Kittens and ducklings :)

    So my duck has been sitting on a clutch of eggs and they hatched yesterday...soooo cute. And then, last week my mom found a small kitten in her shed. A couple days later she found the other three up in the rafters. They are about 4 weeks old and the mama is a feral (but fairly...
  2. Greenmagick

    slow motion is fun....
  3. Greenmagick

    Ivy Turned 6 Today....

    You can see how excited she is about her birthday A soccer ball is still her favorite toy The bone game is still her favorite chase game She loves her brother and her kids.... Fiona tolerates her while Odin loves her SHe is my Ivy roo
  4. Greenmagick

    Happy Birthday Qcumber!

    My baby boy turned three today!! Seems like just yesterday he was born. I feel very blessed to have been able to not only meet him in utero but also visit several times as he was growing. He has more energy than a dane shoud lol, he lives to fetch, and is a total daddy's boy (despite ME...
  5. Greenmagick

    Its a bird...Its a plane...Its a Qcumber

    This boy....he just cant get enough fetch. We do warm him up and don't let him do too many big air jumps but boy does he live for this. Video (did slow motion but missed the actual catches grrrr...but its kind of cool to see how he tracks it in the air)...
  6. Greenmagick

    Just because

    "Hey mom? Qcumber makes me happy." - Lilah
  7. Greenmagick

    What are you listening to....right now?

    Thought it could be fun to randomly post the songs we are listening to. The good, the bad, and the ugly just when you get the motivation to;) Currently listening to an oldie, but still one of my favs
  8. Greenmagick

    Made me smile.... I tried posting just the video link but couldnt get it to work
  9. Greenmagick

    Leaving children in car seats.....

    There was another recent story about a child being left in the care and dying. They are looking at a murder charge. Typical responses tend to be things like "How could a good parent do that?" and "He deserves to be locked in a hot car" etc. Lots of "HOw could that ever happen" and "I would...
  10. Greenmagick

    Tulips and daffodils

    and more more
  11. Greenmagick

    new additions

    Picked up some 2 day old chicks today:) 3 Ameracaunas, 2 Salmon Favorelles, 2 Cuckoo Marans, and one Buff Orpington. These arent picks of each individual chick but all varieties are shown at least:)
  12. Greenmagick

    Tiny ice pellets of joy ;)

    Snowing again, though most of this was actually sleet...ouch, my poor ears are still stinging from it. We want to play!!!
  13. Greenmagick

    p p p p leeeease!!!

    Qcumber doing his best to convince Dan to take him out to play fetch. He stared at him like this for quite awhile, his tail wag getting faster and faster while the rest of him held completely still waiting for Dan to say ok lol
  14. Greenmagick

    Sensing a trend....

    More snow pics lol Cell phone pics in late afternoon so color is off. more.......
  15. Greenmagick

    Any other soapmakers etc?

    Just wondering :) Since I got back into it I have been a bit zealous lol. I really had no idea how much I had missed it when I stopped almost a decade ago :O Just thought if anyone else here was into it, we could chat lol. I have no counter space left right now from all the soap I have...
  16. Greenmagick

    Happy 2nd Birthday Qcumber!

    Can't believe my bouncy puppy turns 2 today! He is the sweetest, zaniest goofball. He can be dead asleep one second and bouncing off the walls the next. He has such a love for life. Everything excites him and makes him happy. He has not quite learned to check before sitting or laying down...
  17. Greenmagick

    Wondering how this will end up....

    Story is still new and I am VERY aware not all of the details are determined to be facts yet but....... Apparently Zimmerman is being detained after his soon to be ex-wife called the police on him after an altercation at her parents house. He allegedly threatened he and he father while...
  18. Greenmagick

    To those considering adding a new dog....

    My friend's rescue is very full right now. She specializes in dogs with health issues but takes in all kinds. She had several very pregnant and ill mamas come in this spring and so has lots of puppies as well. Today's "Featured" Adoptable - Reuben James is a 2 year old Pitbull that...
  19. Greenmagick


    Sweet baby boy was just getting too old, his body giving out. He was 13 1/2 and meds seemed to no longer be helping enough to justify keeping him around for our benefit. He just left with DH for the vet. Quke and Ivy are crying at the door (likely because they are upset they missed out on a...
  20. Greenmagick

    UGH! Man attempts to steal service dog