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    HSUS news

    This may have been posted already and I missed it, but this was interesting. HSUS has had its charity rating revoked and is now has a donor advisory warning attached to it. Only 1% of budget goes to...
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    This is Elijah

    I figured since puppies should be arriving this week sometime, I should get around to introducing Eli first :) I know i'm biased, but I think he's the happiest baby I've ever met in my life. That's not to say he doesn't have his moments, but most of them are pretty cool. So, here's a few...
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    Hoping for Puppies

    We had my bitch stand last week with a couple good ties. Hopefully there's puppies brewing :) with this guy...
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    A new internet craze?

    Now this is something I can really get behind :D
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    Supreme Court Ruling anybody see this or have an opinion? Personally I think it is a bunch of **** and the Supreme court has really failed the US people. I"ve been paying attention as our gov. has...
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    USMRA Nationals

    Because it's late and I can't sleep, here's a few I took last weekend. IMG_6278 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6305 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6307 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6329 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6341 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6349 by...
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    Post sent to moderator for approval?

    I just tried posting in a picture thread and it said my post was sent to moderators for approval? I can't think of anything I could have done other than it contained a link??? But it was a link to a thread in this forum, just so people could find pictures more easily. Or did I do something else?
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    Dex and SaraB

    I now introduce Jess and her dog Dex. A fantastic pair if I do say so myself. This dog flips and jumps, sticks his tongue out and kicks her ass and they both love it, so here they are, I hope you enjoy IMG_6435 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_6436 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr...
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    Some Training Weekend Fun

    Here are some pics from the training weekend we just had. My girl Zoe, photo taken by my nephew IMG_5301 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr another one IMG_5311 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr Yoli hold and bark IMG_5330 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr A friends dog targeting my...
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    Some Frisbee Pics

    took some shots of my friends dog before we started training last night. Hope you enjoy. IMG_5056 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_5052 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_5046 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_5041 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr IMG_5034 by zendogbuddha, on Flickr...
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    IOC Drops Wrestling from Olympics

    I don't know how many of you care, but I'm kind of surprised they're cutting wrestling from the Summer Olympics and cite, "popularity" as the reason. Come on man, Fencing is still an olympic sport isn't it? I've never met a person that fenced in my life. I can go any weekend and find a gym...
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    GSD's and a Rhodesian named Abner

    Here are a few pictures of our dogs and my friends Ridgeback. They didn't stop for 3 days. You've met my dogs before, but this is Abner a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback IMG_3845 by inn8one, on Flickr Abner likes to chase my ladies around :) IMG_3768 by inn8one, on Flickr and...
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    Yo Adrianne! Can you help please :)

    Can you take a look at this and give me some feedback? Please? IMG_3793 by inn8one, on Flickr I was shooting cloudy day, exposure 1/800, ISO 1250, f/5.7, 55mm focal length. Using AI servo, centered focus. (note this is a cropped picture) I really try to keep the focus on the front...
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    GSD and Pyrenees

    Here's a couple of my dog Yoli and my BIL's Pyrenees, Magni. IMG_3318 by inn8one, on Flickr IMG_3281 by inn8one, on Flickr
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    Guess what I got?

    My first round with my new toy. Have much to learn about settings and framing the entire shot. Cut some ears off, cut some tails off, focus is off in some, all sorts of stuff to work on, but I had to take it for a test spin. [/url] IMG_2267 by inn8one, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url] IMG_2271...
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    OK Camera People

    All of you guys that take all these awesome action shots of your dogs, what are you shooting? Finally we've decided to get a new camera and I don't want to spend 2 grand for a body and another 3 for a lens or more, but I don't want to spend 800 bucks for a set up I'll be disappointed with...
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    Take Time and Read

    I dont' know if this was posted before or not. it's from August, but with all the depressing stuff on here lately I figured it was about time people take a break and visit what is really important in life.
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    Just trying something out

    just trying to figure out how I embedded a video a while back. I seem to have forgotten now
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    Mandatory pet restraints? just some food for thought. I thought it was interesting
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    HCG diet revisited.

    Funny I just saw a thread on here about this a few days ago and today in a professional rag there is an article on this latest fad once popular in the 50's and 60's. Anyway, as someone else pointed out HCG is a hormone that cannot be obtained by anything but a prescription. It absolutelly...