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  1. huskyfun


    hi i'm still quite new here and was wondering if there is a thread for videos? or is it just pictures :)
  2. huskyfun


    My site is for siberian husky owners or lovers of the breed.
  3. huskyfun

    My siberian

    heres my siberian Tessa :)
  4. huskyfun

    walking issues

    I have a siberian and while it is her instinct to pull, i want her to walk abit more nicely while on a leash :rofl1: yes this may be asking for a miracle of a sibe, but i'm sure she can distinguish that her harness is for pulling and her lead is for walking without pulling my arm from its...
  5. huskyfun

    newbie saying hi

    hello i'm nita, i have a 21 month siberian husky called Tessa (not much of a husky name lol ) she was a re-home and we kept her name. She very good, and is practising bikejoring and scooter. looking forward to meeting other sibe owners :)