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    A Picture That Just Melts Me. Perfect For This Snowy Day. ♥

    It took about thirty bad pics to get this one! :) I ♥ this dog.
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    The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas: a holiday music video.

    Merry Christmas dog lovers! We whipped up a music video for The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas. It's a bit nutty, but it's also a bit catchy! Laughing Enjoy! ♥ Watch The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas: a Greyhound holiday music video
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    The heartrending story of a sweet, sad girl in need.

    I can't say enough about how deeply impacted I was by meeting this sweet girl. Please cross post and share - the right owner is just waiting to find her...
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    The ultimate dog prank?

    I thinks Nigel is destined to languish in frustration! I'm sure he'll figure out a plan for revenge soon enough. Happy Thursday all!
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    Has anyone dealt with pancreatitis lately?

    Sola has been hit with a case of pancreatitis. We have been through a plethora of scares over the years. This is a new one for us. I have heard from a number of sources that the usual suspect is a high fat diet or large feeding of high fat foods - especially human food. Yet we feed...
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    A Touching True Love Story

    There is not much I can add to this. I love these moments and rarely catch them on camera. A touching moment of true devotion.
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    How do you address this "unsavory" dog issue?

    Let me just break the ice and raise the topic: dog farts. I know that like humans, dogs just have their days. But Nigel is an entirely different animal, and I'm guessing most Greyhound owners are subject to the same digestive difficulties. Have you found anything in particular that does a...
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    Does your dog like or dislike trips to the veterinarian?

    We have shared our lives with a number of dogs now, and about eighty percent of them enjoyed trips to the vet. But the twenty percent who did not enjoy it had very strong opinions on the matter, to the extent that we dreaded routine visits. Sola does not mind visiting the vet, but she still...
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    How long is too long when it comes to bearing a grudge?

    It's interesting to observe Sola now that she has recovered from the throat stabbing. She won't go near sticks, and she's afraid of her water bowl. She drank just after the hole was ripped in her throat, and I think it hurt so badly that she suspects the water bowl itself. Any other bowl is...
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    Ever had a run-in at the dog park? We have stopped going.

    Of course if the dogs had their way we would go every day. But after running in to far too many aggressive dogs with not-so-bright owners, we decided a big fence was a good investment. We used to enjoy it before it grew too much and the crowd turned bad. I'm sure we're not the...
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    Is your dog protective?

    I guess with Greyhounds it's likely a 50/50 proposition. We have a few wimps in our ranks :D Nigel will bark, but beyond that I can't rely on him. Truffles will just run fast. Sola would lay down her life for me. One night, I thought it would come to that. :yikes: Ever had...
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    Does your dog have any...addictions?

    One of our former Border Collies used to chew his nails obsessively. Of course, Borders form addictions quickly, but if you keep them busy they work it out. Nigel is addicted to the couch like 99% of the hounds here. :) This on the other hand, is an entirely different, more dramatic...
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    What is the nastiest thing your dog has ever eaten?

    I bet you all have seen some nasty snacking. Can you top this? Something tells me you might :popcorn:
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    What is the most embarrassing thing your dog has done?

    For the longest time, one of our previous Greyhounds held the record for attending a Greyhound exhibition at a local shopping mall. His nerves got the best of him and as I walked him out through a packed food court he stopped and dropped a stink pile. This might take the cake though...
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    Let's compare dog induced injuries!

    I have a laundry list, but here are the highlights: My lip had to be sewn back together after a little poodle mix bit me about thirty years ago. I lost a third of my pinkie to a dog a few years back. Sola separated my wife's ACL joint pulling her toward another dog a few years back...
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    New Year, New Cheer - Thank you all!

    Thanks to all of you who sent kind words and wishes our way for Truffles. She is starting to perk up, and now tries to steal the mail from my wife again. Don't ask ;) The neurosurgeon said we are not out of the woods, but this is encouraging considering her condition for the last two...
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    Carpet bombers!

    We've all heard a mountain of these stories, but when it comes to my solution your mileage may vary. :D
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    Happy Holidays All!

    I hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday season, and a prosperous 2009. Be well! Neil
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    WOW, I had no idea this could happen!

    Likely my personal best odd experience. Dogs didn't seem to mind. Hope you never have this happen to you. :yikes:
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    The Disgusting Things We do

    Never, ever let your dog eat grass...:mad: