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  1. LilahRoot

    Video - Yarrow howling on the couch

    I love Yarrow! He sounds like a siren! Yarrow and the koolies are what keep me coming back to chaz. ;) ETA: That video got Morrow (my akita) wooing! :D
  2. LilahRoot

    Roscoe's Journey **WARNING GRAPHIC PICS**

    Thanks, guys! We're thrilled that he has recovered so well.
  3. LilahRoot

    How involved is your SO in dog stuff?

    He is very involved! :D We met at the doggie daycare we worked at together, and he came with his own canine compadre. He wasn't the most dog savvy when we met, but he has learned a lot, and is very actively involved in our dogs. On the other hand though, he is not interested in dog shows...
  4. LilahRoot

    Finkie Babies!

    My guess is 2. :p
  5. LilahRoot

    My cell phone was stolen...advice?

    The only reason I haven't already called is because my cell phone is/was my only phone. I have to wait for the other half to get home and ream me a new one before I can call. :rolleyes:
  6. LilahRoot

    Roscoe's Journey **WARNING GRAPHIC PICS**

    This is kind of going to be a story along with the pictures, so bear with me... Roscoe had a rough start to life. Jason found him when he was working for the forest service. Roscoe was about 6 months old, covered in mats, ticks, fleas, and was almost feral. Jason took him home and got him...
  7. LilahRoot

    Girl, Age 9, Gives Birth in Mexico

    This is just heart wrenching to read. That poor little girl, and that poor baby who's life most probably won't be any better than it's mother's. :(
  8. LilahRoot

    My cell phone was stolen...advice?

    Oh, I didn't think of that! I guess I was so busy being angry about it that offering a reward of sorts didn't really dawn on me. What do you think would be a reasonable reward for a phone? I'm sure I should make it more than someone would get at a pawn shop for it... I tried to deactivate...
  9. LilahRoot

    My cell phone was stolen...advice?

    It wasn't a fancy phone or anything, but it was brand new. I got it for Christmas, and while it wasn't anything special, it was mine. Today at work I had to take a group of dogs outside to go potty on leash, and since my hands were full I placed my cell phone on our back stairs while I let the...
  10. LilahRoot

    Does your SO like your breed choice?

    I have two breeds. Chinese Cresteds and Akitas. My husband would probably not own either of those breeds if he weren't with me. I know, for a fact, that he would never own a crestie. It has nothing to do with their appearance, either. Their temperament/personality is just totally the...
  11. LilahRoot

    Most Bizarre/Senseless Dog Products You've Seen

    Ok, that's kind of cool.:p
  12. LilahRoot

    Coworker Crushes?

    Me too :o
  13. LilahRoot

    Are these people for real?

    I haven't read the entire thread, but this was my first thought after reading the article.
  14. LilahRoot

    Are these people for real?
  15. LilahRoot

    Rebecca Carey - mauled to death by own dog(?)

    Wow, so young, so tragic. RIP
  16. LilahRoot

    THis is so wrong I am just speechless

    Wow, what an evil woman. I remember reading this shortly after it happened, and I couldn't understand it then, I don't now.
  17. LilahRoot

    Rescue dog snobbery?

    We are a mixed household here. The OH has always been for rescues, and because of him we have a rescue dog. (that came with him) I have always been afraid to rescue because of health issues, and he has come to see my point after Roscoe had to have about $6,000 worth of vet visits...
  18. LilahRoot

    Dogs of your country and you

    I haven't met any (that I know of) Italian breeds, but I just wanted to point out that while Chinese is in the name of Chinese Cresteds, they are not actually an asian breed. They are actually South American. The Mayans and Incas laid the foundation for the breed as it is today.
  19. LilahRoot

    Chase Pictures (cocker/springer)

    What a sweetie! Are his ears as soft as they look?
  20. LilahRoot

    Update on Trikes Liver..

    I know that this is a little old, but I was wondering how Trike is doing. We're going through this with my other half's dog right now, and his shunt was detected with an ultrasound. That cost much less than a biopsy would have. Roscoe has an appointment for the surgery in a couple of weeks...