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  1. ^Purrson^

    WARNING!!Tea Tree Oil is toxic to cats

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Wanted to post it to alert others but couldnt figure where to post it. I recently had a scare with my Missy cat. I brought Missy in for her annual checkup Saturday with our favorite vet. Dr. Pilch. I learned she had lost about a pound and a half, which is...
  2. ^Purrson^

    Petfinder dogs mislabeled many times?

    Been reading here and wondered if others have found dog breeds MAJOR mislabeled on Petfinders. Beardie cross? Does that look like a beardie at all to anyone? Adopt a Bearded Collie: Scamp: Petfinder Collie mix? Adopt a Collie: Laddie: Petfinder In list said Cairn Terrier, ion details...
  3. ^Purrson^

    New here from California via ustream

    Fell onto Dekkas cam from whelping board, where I found ustream. I do not have a dog, but have had a doggy addiction for more then a few years, could say my whole life... I like what I found here as a general animal dog board, which I have been lost without since msn closed their groups. Most...