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  1. Lyzelle

    Zander...Feb. 14th 2005 - Jan. 18th 2015

    Zander took his last run across the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. I know it has been a shock to all. Despite all of his behavioral and health concerns, I think everyone - me and BeAu included - thought he would live forever. Because he was Zander. And that is what Zaner-Waners do. They live...
  2. Lyzelle

    Naughty exceptions to normal behavior?

    Quinn is fantastic 98% of the time. Completely dependable and can work through just about any distraction with a relative amount of ease. But her mom and our breeder/trainer are the exceptions. She simply cannot work around Fiona. Or exist around Fiona. She harasses her and rough houses with...
  3. Lyzelle

    Getting in heel position?

    Quinn's accomplishments to date are vast and numerous. But we can't get this AT ALL. And when I Google it, it is just assumed you can get your dog to sit next to you. I have tried using my legs and feet as markers. I have tried limiting her options so she can only walk or sit next to me...
  4. Lyzelle

    Quinzel feat. Family - Already 8 months!

    Where does the time go? Where does the fluffy go?! And yet she is still fairly fluffy. And she adores playing with the family.
  5. Lyzelle

    Quinn and Zander Update

    Quinn is doing fantastic. I cannot stress how utterly thrilled I am with this puppy. I may have wavered often and considered other dogs, breeds, and breeders. At first, I definitely struggled connecting with her on a more personal level, and I think anyone who had their solo heart dog for a long...
  6. Lyzelle

    Quinn is 6 months!

    Miss Harleen Quinzel is 6 months old already. She is absolutely, fantastically, amazing. I really can't stop bragging, honestly. So I will shush and you can enjoy pictures! I definitely have the black and white down, now I just have to get a STAY command in there so that she STOPS MOVING. Her...
  7. Lyzelle

    Photographing Black and White Dogs

    Tips? I would love to share more of Quinn, but the contrast and lighting is killing me.
  8. Lyzelle

    Zander Health Update

    It's been 12 weeks since Zander's Spontaneous Pneumothorax episode that scared the absolute **** out of me. I still don't know what to think of it. He nearly suffocated, and there's no reason why. His x-rays were clear, his blood panel, other than elevated liver values, was clear. He nearly died...
  9. Lyzelle


    If you are on my facebook or follow our blog, you may have already seen these. But I figured I would share a few here, too. These were almost two weeks ago, little mix of my camera and phone. She turns 6 months beginning of August. Her and BeAu are sorta a "thing". Rarely do I get pictures of...
  10. Lyzelle

    Just a few pictures...

    I don't remember if I shared these here or not. It's just a few phone photos from the last month or so. I need to break out my camera again, but we've been super busy! She's growing like a WEED. I went out in the yard yesterday and she looks like a little mini adult right now.
  11. Lyzelle

    Zander & Sunset

    Playing around with the light.
  12. Lyzelle

    The New Addition: Little Miss HarleyQuinn

    Or just Quinn. Or Quinny. Or Little Miss. Or cutest thing evah.
  13. Lyzelle

    Small Update - In CO!

    For everyone who isn't on my Facebook- we arrived safely Saturday night. It has been fantastic (of course ) & we are settling in well. Zander actually has been amazing. He surprised me a lot on this trip with how well he handled it. His anxiety has improved leaps and bounds. The puppy...
  14. Lyzelle

    We're Moving!

    Yup. It's official. As long as Zander is cleared for travel, we leave May 15th. Or 16th. Or something. But anyway. Yeah. We're leaving, permanently. For COLORADO!! :banana::banana: I AM SO EXCITED. I HAD TO TELL SOMEONE. OR EVERYONE.
  15. Lyzelle

    Zander's Recovery Thread

    I decided to make a new thread because I just sorta wanted to get away from the old one. Although he still needs vibes and good wishes and thoughts, we are through the first crucial 24 hours and now we can focus on getting him better and his recovery. In case anyone wants to know what is...
  16. Lyzelle

    Zander needs major vibes

    He had been hacking and coughing the last few days, assumed it was allergies again. Tonight after he ate he started dry heaving and coughing more, he was breathing harder and that eventually gave way to wheezing and harder breathing. His stomach felt tight, but I kept an eye on him hoping it was...
  17. Lyzelle

    We're at the E - vet. Could use some vibes.

    So yeah. Zander could use some good thoughts right now.
  18. Lyzelle

    All of the Colorado People!

    Can't give too many details. :p But I need all the information I can get for living out there. ;) Best places to live, cost of living, places to stay away from, areas with jobs, areas with crime, etc, etc, etc..... I need to know where to look. Sort of imminently. Like, within a month...
  19. Lyzelle

    Help me find a new car!

    I think it is getting to be that time. I was going to look while we were in CO in a couple months. Zoom and Nolu seem like totally fun people to work with on this sorta thing. But I don't know what I want! Financially speaking, I'm not entirely sure what I can afford. I was going to trade...
  20. Lyzelle

    Lyz & Zander's Spring 2014 Cross Country Trip (Plus SO and Puppy!)

    I feel like it is a yearly occurrence these days. Totally loving that idea. And yet I have hardly met one Chazzer! So here's the basics for this year: Why, Where Picking up Little Miss in Colorado from the ever-lovely Brigadoon Border Collies. While we are in the car, we're making a bit of a...