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  1. AgilityPup

    Ferret People -- Housing question

    So not even sure if I ever shared here, but I added a ferret, Woo, to our family back in the fall. We recently moved some stuff around in our house and we now have a spare room (small, office sized). I am considering allowing her free reign of that room. My only issue is it's got one heater...
  2. AgilityPup

    Would your SO know what size/style to buy?

    I was just watching a video where boyfriends picked out outfits for their girlfriends, and it left me wondering... if your SO was to go out and buy you clothing, would they know what size to get? A good example was bra sizes. . Or would they know what style you like vs. what you hate?
  3. AgilityPup

    Help! Help! I am freaking out about a bug!

    I found a bug on me (down the back of my shirt) and now I am totally freaking out. Don't know what it is. I was outside about 2 hours ago and had my back in a bush (on the side of our driveway, have to walk into it somewhat to get into our backseat) but besides that, have been indoors playing...
  4. AgilityPup

    Henna heads, I need help!

    I am hennaing my hair again this week. The smell really bothers my boyfriend, and it bothers me when trying to leave it in long enough, and the smell lingers so long! Anyone have any tricks for reducing the smell? I don't add anything to it, usually. But am willing to. Thanks in advance!
  5. AgilityPup

    We love our new house.

    We moved into a new rental that is much more dog friendly and Simi approves. We even have yard enough for a dog pool! And lots of laying space. And Simi matches the kitchen tiles! And she can hear birds and stuff. And we love it. Psyche hasn't yet made the move...
  6. AgilityPup

    C25K Free App by Zen Labs

    Anyone use this app? I am trying to figure out how to listen to only a specific playlist vs all the music on my phone but it doesn't seem to be working and it's making me crazy.
  7. AgilityPup

    Shameless (okay, a little shameful) vote mongering!

    Hey guys, Simi is entered in a cutest pet contest at my dentist's office. Care to take the time to vote for us? :p
  8. AgilityPup

    Vibes For Simi?

    We moved into a new place this last weekend and at the new place we have a deck, but there's no railing on it. The first night here (Sunday) Simi was going out to pee and fell off the edge of the deck, about a three foot drop. She kept going and didn't seem too off. Had a very slight limp...
  9. AgilityPup

    Dog room flooring?

    Since we got all moved into our new place, and I have a whole room dedicated to the dogs, I am wanting to lay some flooring that will be better on them when they're laying and playing on it. Was thinking about the coloured puzzle mats from walmart... and was wondering if anyone had any ideas...
  10. AgilityPup

    Good Vibes Needed!

    Our landlord is showing our place today and we are desperately trying to get this place rented out before we are set to move into our new place mid may, or else we may have some issues with our current landlord. So yeah, send all the good vibes my way that you can spare! :) This is our third...
  11. AgilityPup

    Calm behaviour in the house.

    Okay so I need suggestions. My living situation has changed and it is a big change for Simi. We are living in the city now with no fence and Simi isn't exactly a dog park kind of dog, so she is on leash or long line every time she is outdoors and over all she is spending a lot more time in the...
  12. AgilityPup


    For those of you who do it, is it possible to do with a slightly dog aggressive dog in an area you may run into other dogs? I am wanting to try this with Simi but am worried about meeting another dog on the trail and her being so hyped up and my not being able to handle her because I'd be on...
  13. AgilityPup

    Anyone use a FURminator?

    Or have you ever used one? Thoughts and opinions? Good or bad? If bad, any other suggestions? Simi is shedding like CRAZY, and seems to all the time, lol. But then again, she is a German Shedder. Just looking for something to help with some of the hair.
  14. AgilityPup

    Henna Heads, I need your help again!

    Getting ready to henna my hair again this week to get rid of some roots and see what colour I get this time. Was reading online about making the mix using conditioner, and was just curious if anyone has done this? I read you get much more out of your powder, easier to apply and it's easier to...
  15. AgilityPup

    Crate mat suggestion?

    Okay, so Simi is crated when we are at work and at night. Lately she has been chewing and eating (gulp) her blanket. It is really worrying me. She has been passing out the pieces she eats no issue, but I am very worried about the possibility of a blockage. So I want to take the blanket out but...
  16. AgilityPup

    Schutzhund/IPO Heeling

    Can anyone offer any good (free?) advice/resources for teaching the heel? I'd like to get Simi doing the BH routine, just for the hell of it (might actually try for it in the future). But she has no solid heel. None of my dogs ever have. *shame* I have never been able to successfully train...
  17. AgilityPup

    I want to Henna my hair.

    So I am wanting to henna my hair. As it is, I have a brown/reddish hair colour and I am thinking I'd like it a little more red. Want to stick to something natural, so am thinking henna. I know a few of you here have experience with it, so was wondering if you can link me to any good...
  18. AgilityPup

    Artistic people, think you can offer some suggestions?

    So I am sort of planning a tattoo I'd like to get. Ideally on my collar bone *gulp*. I want it to be this quote: and sort of staggered by the two parts... I'd be happy with a little art around it, not just strictly font and would like a pretty hand writing'ish font... if anyone had some...
  19. AgilityPup

    Anyone know if toads are toxic to dogs?

    Simi picked up a toad on our walk tonight, I think, and then dropped it. After that she seemed to be licking her lips and smacking her mouth a lot on our walk and so now I am freaked out thinking they're toxic and she's going to die. From what I can read, I believe the toads we have here are...