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  1. sillysally

    Taking Basic Gun Class

    I want to take a basic gun class this year. I'm a total beginner. I've fired a handgun of some kind at me uncles house a couple of times-it was loud, smoky, and I have no idea if I even hit the target. I'm honestly a bit intimidated by guns but would like to become more comfortable around...
  2. sillysally

    Facebook Blocking?

    I'm having some problems with my aunt on Facebook over a recent political issue in our state (the now infamous Indiana bill). I've shared articles, political cartoons, etc. My aunt disagrees strongly with me and has private messaged me trying to suck me into a one on one debate. Neither of us...
  3. sillysally

    Paranormal or Unexplained Experiences?

    Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had any experiences you would classify as paranormal or otherwise unexplained? I've only really had one. I used to work at a boarding barn years ago. It happened on a fall morning when I was working by myself. The turnout paddocks were arranged...
  4. sillysally


    Do you consider yourself an extremist for any particular cause? Is there a cause you could see yourself becoming an extremist over? How far do you think you would you go for said cause?
  5. sillysally

    Unitarian Universalist?

    I'm planning on attending a Unitarian Universalist church for the first time this coming Sunday. Has anyone ever been to one? Is there anything I should know or expect beforehand?
  6. sillysally

    Betta Tank Setup

    I'm getting a 5 gallon for my birthday and I want to put a betta in it. Could I cycle the tank with the betta in it? What about if I decided to plant it? Any setup tips?
  7. sillysally

    Snowmagedon 2015

    Is everyone in the northeast ready?
  8. sillysally

    Cost of Items--How Would You Respond?

    OK, this post falls solidly into First World Problems, but here goes... I work in manufacturing on the factory floor building equipment. There are a number of other people in my department, most of whom are other women of varying degrees of friendliness (ranging from people I consider...
  9. sillysally

    White Boxers, White GSDs and Culling...

    In an discussion on another forum I'm active on (not a dog board) a couple of members stated that the American boxer and GSD clubs frowned upon breeders giving away or selling white pups, leading the breeders to euth said pups. Is this true?
  10. sillysally

    Would This Bother You?

    I have to just get this frustration out. Last night I was at my SIL's for New Years. They had invited a friend of the family who my husbands parents have taken in (that's a whooole different topic). This friend, who we will call T, has 7 year old and 2 year old boys. My SIL has a 6 year old...
  11. sillysally


    I had my suspicions that I might have PCOS and I just found out that an ultrasound confirmed said suspicions. I have multiple follicles and enlarged ovaries, all "consistent" with PCOS according to the report. I'm obviously going to follow up with my ONGYN, but I'm reading up this thing in the...
  12. sillysally

    Ugh-Just Disgusted

    This past year a female cat showed up at my stepbrother and SIL's place. My 9 year old niece started feeding it and it's pretty friendly-my stepdad even build an outdoor cat shelter (stepbrother says no cats in the house). Then a random female kitten showed up and has joined the other cat. My...
  13. sillysally

    Christmas Trees-Real or Fake?

    Poll to follow... I'm currently decorating our first real tree ever. I like the smell, we got it from a local farm (like 15 minutes away from us), and when the season is over we don't have to use valuable space to store it in. Also, the city turns them into mulch after Christmas. The fire...
  14. sillysally

    Wheel of Time Series?

    I just started reading the first book on the suggestion of an engineering intern at work and really enjoy it (epic fantasy basically). DH claims that I have now gone full nerd. Anyone else read/are reading it?
  15. sillysally

    This is.....interesting....

    I've heard of several odd methods of dealing with chicken killing dogs, including hanging a dead chicken around the dog's neck or beating the dog with the dead chicken. However, I lurk on another forum and came across this gem: "It didn't work with mine and I beat him with every chicken he...
  16. sillysally

    Another "What Breed For Me?" Thread--lol!

    I won't be looking for many years hopefully, but the Next Dog thread got me thinking about breeds, and I'd love some breed suggestions and thoughts from chazzers.... Size: smallish (pug or frenchy size) all the up to very large Coat: No poodle or bichon type coats. Anything from smooth...
  17. sillysally

    Vet Techs, former Vet Techs....

    I am very seriously considering going back to school to be a vet tech. I'm looking for a little feedback from those that are actually in the field. What does your job entail? What do you do on a day to day basis? What are your favorite parts of the job? Least favorite? If you had to do...
  18. sillysally

    Fish People--5 Gallon Tank?

    Any ideas of what to put in a 5 gallon fish tank?
  19. sillysally

    The NFL...

    Who's watching football? How are your teams doing so far this season? I'm a Bears fan. It's not going well. At all.
  20. sillysally


    Do you have your dogs on any supplements? If so, which ones?