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  1. LilahRoot

    Roscoe's Journey **WARNING GRAPHIC PICS**

    This is kind of going to be a story along with the pictures, so bear with me... Roscoe had a rough start to life. Jason found him when he was working for the forest service. Roscoe was about 6 months old, covered in mats, ticks, fleas, and was almost feral. Jason took him home and got him...
  2. LilahRoot

    My cell phone was stolen...advice?

    It wasn't a fancy phone or anything, but it was brand new. I got it for Christmas, and while it wasn't anything special, it was mine. Today at work I had to take a group of dogs outside to go potty on leash, and since my hands were full I placed my cell phone on our back stairs while I let the...
  3. LilahRoot

    Are these people for real?
  4. LilahRoot

    One of Snorlax

    I know that I have alluded to her before, so here she is! Meet my akita, Morrow.
  5. LilahRoot

    Liver shunt?

    Hey guys, I know that I haven't been around much, but I need some chazzer advice. I hope that it's alright to post this here instead of the health section. I wanted it to be more visible. If that's not okay, mods feel free to move. ............. My fiance's dog and BEST friend was...
  6. LilahRoot

    McDonalds "risky" ad against pit bulls

    Did anyone else see this? I saw it posted on Bad Raps facebook page. McDonalds apparently put out a radio ad saying that eating their chicken nuggets wasn't as risky as petting a pit bull. Thoughts?
  7. LilahRoot

    Things you can't do when you're not a dog...

    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I sure as heck did.:lol-sign:
  8. LilahRoot

    What would you do?

    If you had purchased a puppy from a breeder in another state and had even paid for the shipping MONTHS in advance and just as the puppy was becoming old enough to ship they fell off the face of the earth?
  9. LilahRoot

    Why do people keep dying so young?

    :( Two more of my friends from back home died in a car accident this past weekend. Since 2008 I have lost 7 friends. One from cancer and the rest to car accidents. The one was on his way to my house when his car slid and he was hit on his driver's side door by a very large truck when he...
  10. LilahRoot

    Not much time left...

    until the K9 closet supermodel contest is over! We are losing MISERABLY. I know that a few of you voted for Rory already, and we thank you! Please guys, it only takes a second. Just find his picture "like" it and then leave a comment. They count as separate votes. This is on...
  11. LilahRoot

    The handsome devil

    Until he does this: We need to work on stacking(he's going to be shown) EW! I stepped in it! :p
  12. LilahRoot

    A deployed soldier is asking for help

    to bring home the puppy he has gotten attached to while overseas. This is a friend of my husband. Here is the link: Fundraising online: Bring Home Mirewise! Here is the puppy: He is the little black and white puppy. Cross post, if you like.
  13. LilahRoot


    He's still losing miserably on the K9 closet contest. My sis just posted these on another forum, so I figured I'd post them here too. Just go to K9 closet's fb page like the page, like and comment on his pic as your vote. Not sure why we can't get more people to vote on him. It only takes...
  14. LilahRoot

    Vibes Please?

    I am starting one of my two internships next week (hopefully) and I need some don't skrew it up vibes. I feel so anxious. It's at a vet clinic, and I just hope that they are understanding of my million and a half questions. "/
  15. LilahRoot

    Natural/Hollistic medicine for ADHD?

    This is for a 3 year old. He is at preschool for his first day and already in danger of being kicked out because he is so hyper. I don't trust his doctors to make any calls on medicine because they diagnosed him as autistic when he was a little over a year. My mother is ADHD and so is my...
  16. LilahRoot

    Oh what a miserable day in the neighborhood

    So, I kicked off the day by waking up three hours late since my alarm didn't go off. This means that the kids weren't able to get to their first day of preschool/daycare. I called them and postponed until tomorrow, not a big deal. Then I go to take out the garbage. Which there is three...
  17. LilahRoot

    Caucasian Ovtcharka

    My husband is overseas as most of you know, and he has a dog over there that they believe is a CO. I have always liked the breed, and thought that perhaps in the future we may be in a situation to own one. If it ever does happen it will be WAY in the future. Like 10-20 years. He is now very...
  18. LilahRoot

    Can you guys vote for us please?

    My sister got Gia's brother instead of a cocker a few months ago, if you recall I was asking about them for her and her new man. Well, I took her along to Gia's breeders house and she took home a little boy whom she dubbed Rorschach. Well, K9 closet is having a supermodel contest and the...
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    I really want to know more about it. For those of you who do it, how did you get into it? What have your experiences been like? I saw on the website of the training facility that is closest to me that they have some small dogs that participate. They even say that the height of the jumps...
  20. LilahRoot

    Need a laugh?

    **This has some cursing and adult content** This made me laugh so hard. YouTube - Mrs Brown Gets A Bikini Wax