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  1. teacuptiger


    Today, I had to say goodbye to my other half. I have no words.
  2. teacuptiger

    Roxie Has A PSA

    Cook hot dogs fully before giving them to your pets. ^Because that face happens when you don't.
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    Just a Few of the Roxie Roo :)

    In noooo particular order, lol. And "few" may be an understatement :) The "opening" of her pool... Roxie always has to check these for critters on walks. ALWAYS. We never pass a hole without her sticking her head in there, lol. "THIS BED IS SO CLEAN AND I AM SO CLEAN AND I...
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    Your Dog's Song

    Just for fun :) One song per dog, lol. No clue how to get the video to show up here, but Roxie's song is Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench. Specifically the "that is so Roxie" lyrics are: Take me with you I start to miss you Take me with home I don't...
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    Strange Lyrics

    Just post the strangest lyrics you've ever heard. :) From "Game Freak" by Ghost Town: "She's a wolf and I like it when she bites me" 0.o Aaaaand... GO!
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    Nexgard Users

    Just a quick question- do the ticks actually fall off your dog once they die, or are they supposed to stick on? Because I've found two ticks on my dog today, very much dead once I pulled them off, but very much still with their little teeth sunk into my dog. I mean, I'm glad that they were...
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    Walking in the Dark

    JW what you all do/have for late night/early morning walks when it's totally dark out? Personally, I use Nite Ize gear- their Nite Dawg collar, and a few of their SpotLit lights that I can hook to collars, harnesses, etc. I also have a Mendota Visi-Vest to cover Roxie from shoulder to her...
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    Vibes, please?

    My cousin had a baby the Saturday before last, and he was born prematurely. He's got some issues :( He will probably be have to taken to a different hospital out of state for surgery. I got to meet him today, and he is so adorable. I'm trying very hard to stay positive about his situation...
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    GOOD Things About Winter :)

    As the title says, just list the positive sides of winter, that are not possible in warm weather. -I can hike with Roxie on the Ice Age train without worrying about her allergies blowing up -Putting drinks in the garage, freeing up fridge space. (we have an awful small fridge) -HEATED...
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    You Know You're ____ When ____

    Though this would be fun. Pretty easy peasy :) Like the title says, you know you're in state when common thing happens, everybody does this, etc I'll start. You know you're in Wisconsin when you have a drawer dedicated to cheese. GO!
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    Roxie gots them nails did!!

    In pretty neon green with a sparkly overcoat!! Gotta keep up with the lastest fashion, y'know!
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    A Roxie Update!!

    I lost my idiotPod a while ago, so wasn't able to get any pictures of her!! But my sister's friend gave her a new iPod, and I got her old one. It's pretty bent cuz she fell on it (lmao) but it's still really good! :D Roxie made a friend yesterday!! He is a lovely older Lab (mix?) who lives on...
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    Favorite Ice Creams!!

    I think I may have a bit of a craving-obsession with ice cream lately. So, what are your favorite things to have ice cream, or what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Favorite flavor- mint chocolate chip, by far! Favorite things to put into (vanilla) ice cream: Marshmallows...
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    5 Current Favorites

    So, basically you just list off your favorites of things that have come out recently (like within the last 6 months). 1. Album 2. Movie 3. TV Season 4. Book 5. Product
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    It smells so pretty outside, and others (photo dump)

    I haven't had a computer in a LONG time, but I've got a lot of pictures to share!! Brace yourself... Roxie does this thing on walks sometimes where she will sniff the air and prance along, all light on her feet like a show horse. "Is that a goose in the parking lot, hoomin??"...
  16. teacuptiger

    Favorite foreign films?

    I don't watch a whole of lot foreign movies, but I think the Japanese film, "A Werewolf Boy" just became my favorite. Cuz OMG THE FEELS!!!! What about you?
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    Rox in a box

    How's this for a little faith and trust? I got my 40lb Whippet mix to crawl into a futon box, all for a bit of food and some butt scritches. She's such a very, very good dog. Roxie did crawl all the way in there, btw. Hope yall have a good day! :D
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    If one ear goes this direction, and the other goes that direction...

    Am I all directions? Just a little gem I dug up from when Roxie was like... 2? Lol. Hope you all have a great weekend! :D
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    Floor dancing!!

    Finally caught her in the act :) Hope you have a good day! :)
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    A PSA From the Rox-ay

    Stay warm, and buried under covers AT ALL TIMES! This is dangerous weather. Tails can become frostbitten just moments after wiggling out from under the blankets. But... don't forget to get up sometimes and play a bit of tug! Most of all... stay cute and cozy, my friends...