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    The Smart Canine - Dog Care Blog!

    I recently just picked up a new baby corgi. In the past, i've raised guinea pigs, but never a dog. They're a lot more complicated to raise than a guinea, but it's not slowing me down. I've been accumulating so much new information about raising dogs, that i've decided to start a blog about dog...
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    my new care blog!

    In addition my wonderful corgi companion (pippa), I also own a couple guinea pigs. For those of you interested in raising guinea pigs or already own some guinea pigs, my guinea pig care blog might be of interest to you!
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    Hello from LA!

    Thanks, looking forward to meeting great people as well!
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    Hello from LA!

    Hello everyone, my names Rich and i'm from LA! I have a fantastic 2 year old corgi: and I cant wait to join this wonderful community! :)