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  1. johndecker

    What should be the best food for chihuahua

    I have a pet now and don't know how many times should I feed her? what kind of food? all i do is grab some dog food and give it to her.
  2. johndecker

    I'm so sad to know my first pet died

    I havnt spend much time with Cyrus ( my dog ) since its not been a year from the day i have him with me... I need to go to kuwait to work. I left him with my dad and suddenly they hide the news from me that he died few months back. Rest in Peace buddy... i enjoyed the time with you. you are a...
  3. johndecker

    Just want to throw an inquiry

    Ei, thus the price of a chihuahua depreciate when it is already a half pincher? Sorry for the spelling i'm just not got at it. LOL. I sold few chihuahua coz i can't take good care of them that many but it was sold in a very low price and i bought one of them in a high price. the reason is that...
  4. johndecker

    Hi to everyone

    Hi to you all. I'm John Decker and I'm a pet lover. My dog just died while I'm away and now got a new one. I'm always on the road so right now got a service from dog sitters. I look forward to learn from this forum some tips on how to have a strong relation with pets especially with huge dogs.