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  1. Ikram45

    Jacky - 6 Month Old GSD

    Hello everyone, I got a 6 month GSD from a Dog Center on Sunday. His name is Jack and he is the most cutest and most gentlest thing I have ever seen! He has already settled with me and my Family. Here are few of his Pictures I have taken So what do you Guys think about him?
  2. Ikram45

    Pup Rescued

    Hello, Me and my cousin were out walking when we saw this pup. She was shivering with cold and when I got nearer to him at first she was shy and ran away..After a while, he came himself and licked my hands. We bought water from inside from him and then he used to stick around with us. I told my...
  3. Ikram45

    Max - 6 Month Old Pointer

    Hello, Here is Max my Pointer when he was 6 Months. He is with my cousin for 7 months so he might be 13 Months now. I miss him and I will get him back the next Month. These are his Pics :) Max - 3-4 Months here Max - 6 Months here
  4. Ikram45

    Is this Pure GSD?

    Hello, Is this pure Breed GSD? His Childhood pic
  5. Ikram45


    Hello, My Name is Ikram, I'm 15 Years Old and from Pakistan. It's nice to be part of this community and my Favourite Dog Breed is GSD