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  1. Beret

    Dog stank in the car

    Anyone know of any good car air freshener things that help neutralize dog smell? I would prefer to not ride around with the lingering odor of Garp fart, but all 3 odor things I've tried are almost worse. Tried two "new car" vent clips and they just smell like gummy bears and candy puke... And...
  2. Beret

    Fabulous Weekend

    We were in Novi over the long weekend for an AKC cluster, and had a wonderful time. Garp worked his ass off for me all weekend. We jumped with NADD for the first (and last) time, and started and finished his DS title. He also finished his RATI and RATN over the weekend and started working toward...
  3. Beret

    Sighthound in disguise!

    A few more of the crazy bullmutt mowing down plastic bags with the best of 'em. He finished leg 6 of 10 toward his CAA title.
  4. Beret

    Acepromazine & Performance

    In January, we're trekking 11 hours to the Michigan Winter Dog Classic. Garp will be dock diving and doing Barn Hunt all 4 days. He may also do a Rally run or 2. I will be asking a LOT of him those 4 days. He has the stamina for it. We're traveling in a friend's dog-mobile, with 2 other dogs...
  5. Beret

    Some new Garp

    My friend needed to test out a couple things on his work camera, so I offered him the use of the best test subject in town ;) Some new pictures of Garp doing absolutely nothing except bumming around looking cute:
  6. Beret

    I did it!

    So, I set out to learn how to make leather collars. After lusting at various carved collars, I promised myself I'd learn to make them before I could buy another. Today, I finished my first! It's far from perfect, and every time I look at a different angle I see something wrong... But I worked...
  7. Beret

    Good vibes appreciated...

    Tomorrow is Garp's 3rd gotcha day. Tonight, I found a lump on his thigh. And I don't like it. It feels solid, like it's rooted in the muscle, and it doesn't move well. To top it off, he also had a scuffle with a stray cat that came into the yard the week before last, and the thing did a...
  8. Beret

    Petplan & Chiro: Coverage Question

    My Google-sleuthing skills are not serving me well on this one. I know that Petplan coveres alternative therapies for medical conditions (such as chiro), but what about routine chiropractic adjustments? Just for the sake of maintaining performance. Granted, we had our initial...
  9. Beret

    Hello there!

    Hi! I recognize quite a few of you here, and I just thought I'd pop my head over to this dark corner of the internet and play with the big kids. I own USJ The World According to Garp CA "Garp". In the Dock Dogs organization, he is currently the 3rd ranked bull breed worldwide and has a PB of...