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    ?? about leash vs. harness

    How can you tell which is best for your pup? I know there are several different veriations on harness's, but not sure which is best for Roxy. Here is what she dose: She will bite her leash and carry it in her mouth while we're walking.... its cute it looks like she is walking herself LOL But...
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    Dose your puppy HAVE to have all her shots to start obedience?

    My 8 week old Lab is driving me crazy!! I really want to start obedience with her because what Im trying at home, is just not working! My husband is NO help ( mind you she is HIS dog!!! ) and if I dont get her to start listening to me Im afraid its just not going to work out. Im exhuasted and...
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    puppy training w/ a child

    Ok got another question for you all. I have a 4 year old daughter who has been more dense them my puppy the last few days! It could be partly from the excitement of having a new animal.. but to be honest Im blaming the full moon! How do I get my daughter under control w/out making the...
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    Advice on Crate Training

    Hello, Im new to the forum and just got a new choc. Lap puppy named Roxy who will be 8 Wks old on Friday. My question is about crate training. She is going to be a big dog, so I dont want her to get used to sleeping with us or on a bed or furnature. Ive been reading a lot about crate...
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    Newbie here... new mom

    Hello! Im Dez and as of last Sunday I am the new Mom of a 8 wk old Choc. Lab puppy whom my daughter has named Roxy. Im sure I'll be around asking for lots of advice, especially since its been ages and ages since Ive been through the puppy stage and never with a dog as big as she is going to...