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    Professional Dog Food?

    Has anyone ever heard of the dog food brand "Professional"? I had never heard of it but I saw it today when I was looking for a new food for my dog. The ingredients looked pretty decent. Any opinions on it? Ingredients Chicken, chicken meal, cracked pearled barley, millet, brewers...
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    Need Gift Ideas! Help!

    So I just started dating this guy Aaron and I have NO idea what to give him for Christmas. We went on our first date 2 weeks ago but we met at the beginning of October and have hung out almost every day since. He's super sweet and treats me like a princess so I want to get him something cool...
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    Cat Food Advice plz

    Does anyone know what to look for in a cat food. I know cats need more protein than dogs. I feed my cat Felidae (made by Canidae). My sister just found a kitten that they will probably keep. They have very little money and her husband is super cheap. What is a decent brand of cat food that...
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    Found a Kitty

    My sister found a Kitten this morning. It was outside her apartment crying. It is really cold where she lives and the poor thing couldn't move. They would love to keep it but aren't allowed pets where they live. I told her they would never know she had it. I had my cat for two years and the...
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    What happened to Payge?

    I haven't seen her post in a while. Did she get to keep the Danes?
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    What did you do last night?

    I went to Kansas City with my friend Christen. I had never been their before and found it to be quite enjoyable. We went out drinking with the people we were staying with and I got pretty toasted. They were talking about their dogs. I asked the dd what he fed his dog. He said Purina (dog...
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    Teenage Drama: Only I'm NOT a teen!

    So I moved here 3 months ago and became really good friend with this girl Christy. She's been pretty much my only friend here. Well three weeks ago her friend Aaron moved back here and the three of us have been hanging out ever since. She's been completely in love with him for two years...
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    Question about Bones

    I know that weight bearing bones (femurs etc.) from cattle are too hard for doggie teeth. Is it the same with pigs? Or are their weight bearing bones OK?
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    Night Flight

    Tonight me and my friends were chillin in front of the fire just talking. Aaron is a pilot for the AF. I asked him when he was gonna take me flying. So he got on the computer to check the weather. Then we went to a little airport and rented a plane and flew over the city at night! It was...
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    Little Red Riding Doggie...

    Lucy has NO body fat so she wears a jacket when we go outside in the cold. Please don't let the camera get me mom!
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    Cat Burglar

    So this morning my dad hear something fall off the kitchen counter. He came out of his room just in time to see my cat run down the stairs carrying a bag of dog treats! He got a picture at the bottom of the stairs.
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    Resource Guarding

    How do I stop it? My dog Lucy guards her food. If another dog comes near her crate (where I feed her) she growls and snaps at them. She also does this as soon as we get home from our walks. She growls and snaps at the other dogs so they wont go downstairs first and then runs to her crate to...
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    Drink Your Juice!!!!!

    So I was at work today and I was taking drink orders at a table. I ask the mom what she wanted for her three kids to drink. She tells me "juice". I start naming off the kinds of juice we carry and right in the middle she says "fruit punch" :eek: . She said it like I was stupid to ask what...
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    Extreme Makeover Home Edition

    Does anyone else watch this show? I love it!!!!!! They are filming an episode in Wichita this week and I'm going to watch tomorrow. This family's house had a natural gas leak which caused an explosion that destroyed the house completely. The dad has been staying in a bus on their property to...
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    Any sighthound owners here?

    I have what my vet says is probably a Saluki mix. Just wondering if anyone has ever owned or known one. I'm wondering about their temperment. Lucy is afraid of everything. I know she wasn't socialized much before 10 months and thats a big part of it. I didn't know what a Saluki was before I...
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    Cleaning up after your dog

    Do you pick up after your dog when you're on a walk? I live on a loop with about 15 occupied houses, 5 or so under construction and 6 empty lots. There are eight dogs on the loop besides mine. Well all the owners except one have been letting their dogs go in the empty lots and not cleaning...
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    Which food to feed?

    I have 3 dogs: Abby-7 month old mutt, Lucy - 1 yr old Saluki Mix?, Rudy-8 yr old GSD. Lucy is skinny and I would like her to gain a few pounds. Abby and Rudy both are good weights but will pig out and get fat if allowed to. Right now they're all on Nutro Ultra but I'm gonna swich them. I'm...
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    My babies

    Hello to everyone! I was searching for info on dog food when I came across chazhound. I just had to join because you all seem as crazy about your animals as I am. :D These are mine: Abby: Lucy: Rudy: I know they're not the greatest pics but they're all i have right now...